Where to put your sliding barn door

A facelift for your front room or a statement piece for your kitchen? With so many barn door styles, your home-centric barn door designs are just waiting to be discovered. Whether you have several barn door ideas already, or you aren’t quite sure what plans you want to make for your home, this guide is for you. Full of helpful suggestions and things to consider, you’ll get barn door ideas and inspiration in no time!


With several Artisan Hardware barn door designs to choose from, you can easily find one that fits your living room needs. But before you go pinning hundreds of beautiful barn door ideas on Pinterest, you need to consider the purpose of the barn door in your living room. Ask yourself why you want to install a barn door in the first place. Do you want it to save space? Are there shelves or cabinets that you want to cover up? Or do you want your barn door to bring contrast and variety to your living room? As you begin drafting up your barn door plans, take a moment to think about the possible functions of a barn door in your living room. Here are just a few barn door ideas that you can implement in your living room:

Separate Your Space

A barn door can be a wonderful way to separate space in homes with a lot of open area. If your living room is connected to your dining room, a set of sliding barn doors or a single sliding barn door can be a great way to separate the two rooms when needed. By separating your space, you make your home appear larger. Barn doors are great for separating space because they have the ability to slide all the way open and open up the separated spaces again when needed, without getting in the way.

Slide and Store

Everyone has a part of their home that they wish they could cover up and hide when it gets looking cluttered or chaotic. Sliding barn doors are a great way to cover up exposed shelves or build in entertainment centers. Get your barn door ideas rolling when you realize the ability that barn doors have to slide, hide, and store. Whether you’ve got company coming over unannounced and need to quickly clean the room, or you just like the look of your open shelves being covered — a sliding barn door in your living room is a great way for things to take cover.

Ana White gives a great example of how to use barn doors to cover and store. She installed a double sliding barn door to cover her entertainment system in her living room. When the barn doors are opened to reveal her television, they slide to cover nearby open shelves. The design gives her living room a beautiful farmhouse feel to it. You can check out her DIY project here.

Let Light In

We do a lot to lighten and brighten up our living rooms. If you have other rooms in your home that fill with light, let them share the sun with your living room by replacing traditional doors with sliding glass barn doors. The glass doors are a chic, modern way to fill your living room with vibrant light, and create a cool, unique look in the process. One of the more unique barn door designs, glass barn doors let all the light in, making you (and all your indoor plants) happy.


As a focal point and gathering place in the home, the kitchen has to be fully functional, not just aesthetically pleasing. The kitchen can be one of the busiest rooms in the house, so you need to make sure that the layout of your kitchen easily accessible. Below are a couple of ideas on how you can use barn doors to help your kitchen stay organized and stylish in the heart of your home.

Primp Your Pantry

Pantries aren’t really known for being all that aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to hide stacks, cans, and boxes of Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, there are pantry door ideas waiting for you. As you drum up new, exciting pantry door ideas, first and foremost consider your space and what type of door would work best in your kitchen. You can also make your pantry door multi-functional when you use a glass barn door or a chalkboard barn door, both of which can be written on and used to keep a grocery or chore list. Metal barn doors also make a great kitchen barn door because they are magnetic. If you’re tight on space in your kitchen, a multi-functional pantry door is a must.

Cover Your Cupboards

No one wants to stare at their stacks of mismatched plates and plastic Ikea cups while they sit in their kitchen. And even if you do have a matching dining set, sometimes open shelves can look cluttered. You can cover your cupboard with a simple barn door, making it easy to give your kitchen a clean, polished feel. If you are afraid that a sliding barn door will take too much space, you can always design a sliding barn cabinet door that fits over your shelves. Kitchen barn doors can be designed through Artisan Hardware to fit all different cupboard covering needs.

Cook and Dine in Privacy

Sometimes you just need a little separation, and a kitchen barn door may be a great barn door idea to keep things a little quieter. A sliding barn door that separates the kitchen from a nearby dining room can give an evening meal more privacy for you and your guests. If you need to keep kids from running through your kitchen while you cook, a kitchen barn door is the way to go; adding class and style to your kitchen, all while giving you a separated space.

For more barn door ideas and inspiration for your kitchen, be sure to check out Decoist's 25 Trendy Sliding Barn Doors in the Kitchen.


You and your family spend a lot of time in your bedrooms. Whether it’s sleeping, working on your laptop, or just relaxing for a moment, you deserve to have a bedroom that feels and functions the way you want it to. Believe it or not, a barn door can make a big difference in design of a bedroom. If you're considering a room makeover, you can add style, space, and purpose just by installing a barn door. When you make barn door plans for your home, don’t skip the bedroom.

Color and Contrast

Your barn door bedroom project can lead to a little door making a big statement. Use color and contrast to create a fun (and functional) focal point of a bedroom. For fans of DIY, paint your barn door to pop in the bedroom, or to add a subtle compliment to your current decor (If you would like to see some color ideas and examples, check out this article written by Attic Mag). Another way you can add contrast to a bedroom is by installing wood, glass, or metal barn doors. Adding texture will bring out different tones in your color scheme, and will give more variety to your room's design.

Kid-Friendly Rooms

Barn door designs and barn door ideas aren’t just for the adults. You can elevate the style of your child’s bedroom when you install a kid-friendly barn door. Let your child help you come up with barn door ideas for their room. Whether it’s a bold colored barn door to cover their closet, or a chalkboard barn door for them to draw on — the options are endless.

Close Your Closet

Oftentimes open closets are difficult to maintain and organize. If your closet is looking a little cluttered, cover it with a barn door that matches your bedroom's design and decor. It's a quick room upgrade that makes a big statement. A sliding barn door allows easy access to your clothing and quickly closes the closet when you want things to look neater.


Barn doors are a fun, functional way to separate parts of the bathroom or to use as the main bathroom door. You'll need barn doors made from high quality material that can stand up to steamy showers, water, and rogue hairspray. It's essential that you plan carefully and know the door's spacing and measurements so you can guarantee privacy. The following barn door ideas will give your bathroom a beautiful finished look and feel:

Connect & Separate

Master bedrooms are often connected to master bathrooms. By using a barn door for the bathroom, you create a way to easily connect or separate the two rooms. Slide the door closed when you need a little privacy or have guests, and slide it open to share sunshine. With so many barn door designs to choose from, you can easily find a door that fits your budget and vibe.

If you'd like some advice on how to make the most of a barn door in a master bathroom and bedroom, Homedit gives some great examples.

Customized Cabinets

Did you know that barn doors can be customized to several different shapes and sizes? Add a little rustic charm, or strong, bold lines to a bathroom cabinet when you switch out old cabinet doors for new, customized barn doors. Store towels in style with custom cabinetry that you’ll definitely want to add to your list of barn door ideas that are a little more out of the box.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you want a truly stunning bathroom focal point, consider installing a mirror barn door. Instead of cluttering your bathroom with a standing mirror, attach it to a statement-making door for both convenience and style. Sliding mirror doors can also be hung on the walls to create an incredibly convenient way to share a mirror — all you have to do is slide it.


Big or small Artisan Hardware is here to help you get going on your next project. No matter what barn door idea you choose, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you. As you get your next project started, our staff can ask you the important questions so that you know you are making the best choice for your space and your home. Our staff can also help you through the installation process.

Have questions about your next barn door project? Whether it’s miniature metal barn doors for a cabinet or a bold, rustic door in your living room, we have the ability to help your barn door ideas become a reality.

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