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Where to put your sliding barn door

Sliding barn doors are a hot trend in interior design and home improvement. These versatile doors can easily be used throughout your home to create a unique look. If you’re looking to revamp your decor, there are many places where you can install an interior barn door.

 8 Places to Install an Interior Barn Door

  1. Living Room 
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bedroom 
  4. Closets
  5. Bathroom
  6. Laundry Room 
  7. Playroom
  8. Basement
While barn door styles and trends started primarily in the bedroom and living room, the evolution of the sliding barn door has transformed it into a solution that can be used throughout your entire home. Barn doors can offer many benefits to your home. Not only do they make a unique statement, but they are also a good alternative to traditional doors when you are pressed for space. Door swing can take up a significant amount of square footage and dictate the layout of your furniture in a room. With interior barn doors, this is no longer a problem. 

1. Living Room

Adding an interior barn door in your living room can transform your existing decor. A modern barn door can be used to partition the room, which can be especially helpful in open layout floor plans. However, these doors can be used for more than simply dividing a space. 

Add a Touch of Style

The popularity of interior barn doors has exploded over the last decade. As a result, the barn door is now being made using a wide range of different barn door styles and materials, giving birth to new barn door styles and barn door ideas. One popular trend is the use of barn doors made from reclaimed wood with shiplap, giving the room a rustic look. Another popular trend is the use of glass barn doors with more subtle interior barn door hardware, creating a more modern barn door feel. The unique combination of materials and door hardware can add that touch of style you were missing in your decor. 

Easily Hide Exposed Shelves

If you don’t need to divide your space but still want to incorporate interior barn doors into your decor, consider using one to quickly and easily hide exposed shelves. By using a barn door over an exposed bookshelf, you can easily slide the door closed to make the room look polished and tidy. This also works with entertainment centers. When it’s time to Netflix and chill, simply slide the doors open to watch your TV. 

Small Scale Barn Doors

If you have small windows in your living room, you may want to choose barn door shutters as your window treatments rather than traditional curtains or blinds. This helps you achieve the rustic barn door style on a smaller scale. And since the barn door shutters open the whole way, they can let more natural light into your space. Barn door shutters are also a popular option for bathroom windows. 

2. Kitchen 

While the kitchen may not be the first room that comes to mind when thinking about installing an interior sliding barn door, there are several different ways that they can be used to make the space more functional and appealing. 

Conceal Your Pantry

Whether your pantry is the size of a small room or simply an oversized cabinet, sliding barn doors are a great option due to their small footprint. Since the door slides, you don’t have to worry about door swing. This means you don’t have to worry about someone opening the door when you’re taking a hot pan from one side of the kitchen to the other. 

Make Unique Cupboard Doors

You can also use a smaller barn door panels to create unique barn door cabinet doors. This can create an interesting look in your kitchen, making it look clean and polished. 

What sizes do interior barn doors come in? 

Typically, a sliding barn door comes in widths of 2’-7’ and heights of 5’-9’. However, when it comes to cabinets, this can be too large. If you want to achieve the same barn door style on your smaller cabinets, Artisan Hardware can create high-quality custom-sized doors to meet your needs and fit cabinets of all sizes. 

3. Bedroom

Sliding barn doors are a popular choice in bedroom decor. They take up little space, which is important in smaller bedrooms, plus they are stylish and trendy. Just as with other areas in the home, a barn door can be incorporated into a bedroom space in several different ways.

Hide Your En-Suite

barn door can be a great idea to hide your en-suite, especially in smaller master bedrooms. The barn door can easily slide open to reveal the bathroom without impacting the layout of bedroom furniture. With a traditional door, the door swing often interferes with the layout of the bathroom or the layout of the furniture in the master bedroom. Opting for a white interior barn door  with modern door hardware can bring a spa-like feeling into your master suite. 

Enhance Your Wardrobe

Whether you have a walk-in closet or a regular closet, your wardrobe is one of the most important parts of your bedroom. Barn doors can provide easy access to all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. With traditional sliding doors, you are limited to one side of your closet at a time. Sliding barn doors can be installed as a single door or double door to help you see your entire wardrobe at once. Choosing sliding barn doors for your closet can enhance the overall design of your space to match your refined style. 

4. Closets

One of the biggest problems with using a traditional closet door is the door swing. It either has to open into the closet, limiting what you can store, or opens outwards, and restricts your furniture layout and available square footage in your room. Even if you have a walk-in closet, accessing hangers and storage can be problematic with a traditional closet door opening. Sliding barn doors eliminates the issue of door swing and gives you more freedom to store what you want in your closet.

The Perfect Full-Length Mirror

Not only can sliding interior barn doors give you more freedom for storage, but it can also give you a full-length mirror without taking up any valuable floor space. Barn door mirrors help you get your look right whether it’s for a business meeting or a night on the town. Using mirrored barn doors can also help make your space seem larger. 

Bring in Style

Sliding barn doors can also be used to add another element of barn door style in your closet. A variety of interior sliding barn door hardware is available to suit many different styles. If you’re looking for a rustic vibe in your bedroom, you may opt to go with traditional barn door hardware with a spoke wheel roller. For a more subtle barn door style, you could choose a box track or no show hardware. No matter your preferences, Artisan Hardware has the right sliding barn door hardware kit to help you achieve the style you want. 

5. Bathroom

The bathroom is another great place to use a barn door in your home. With half baths, space is often limited, making a door with no door swing an excellent choice. Many times, homeowners are concerned that a barn door will not provide enough privacy for a bathroom. However, if hung properly, they offer just as much privacy as a traditional bathroom door

Separate Your Toilet Area

In larger bathrooms, there is a trend to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroomBarn doors are an ideal alternative for this given their small footprint. Additionally, by using an interior barn door seal you can give your toilet area the privacy it needs. 

Can interior barn doors lock? 

Yes, you can lock your barn doors. It’s a common misconception that an interior barn door cannot lock. This is because traditionally, single-hung barn doors are often not meant to be locked. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be locked. A single-hung sliding barn door can be locked using a barrel slide bolt, hook and eye latch, entry sliding door lock, or a tear drop latch

6. Laundry Room 

While the laundry room was once destined to have bi-fold doors, barn doors have quickly been transforming this space. There are several reasons that you may choose to use a sliding barn door for your laundry room, including lack of door swing and ease of use. 

Maximize Your Space

Interior barn doors can come in a single panel or as double doors. Using double doors in your laundry room can help open up your limited space to access your machines. This means you can have full clearance for your front-loading machines without the restrictions of bi-fold doors. Additionally, using a sliding barn door means you don’t have to accommodate any door swing in your hallway. 

Easy Access

Sliding barn doors can offer easy access when they are on a high-quality track. With doors being able to easily slide open, you don’t have to worry about struggling to open the door with a clothes basket in your hand. 

7. Playroom

Barn doors make for a creative sliding door to close off your playroom. Better yet, they can provide a bit of relief for the worried parent’s mind. With barn doors, you don’t have to worry about pinched fingers or slamming doors hurting your little ones. Plus, given that the doors open easily, children can go in and out as they please.

Make it Fun

While sliding barn doors are often made of stained wood finishes, you can also choose a style that will make your playroom fun. Pick a simple style and use bold paint colors to bring life to your room. You can also take the look further by choosing a stylish rail and rollers, or you can add a sophisticated touch with a more polished finish, such as brass or chrome.

Make it Multi-Functional

A playroom can often get overrun by arts and crafts and other toys, creating clutter and diminishing your overall interior design. By using a door panel made of chalkboard or metal, you can give your little ones a surface to express their creativity without causing your decor to pay the price. 

8. Basement

The basement is often an overlooked area of the home that can often be used to maximize your living space. Interior barn doors can be used in many creative ways to enhance the functionality of your basement square footage. 

Create a New Room

Barn door panels can also be used to create a new room in your basement, helping you increase your living space. While barn doors are often used as a regular door, they can also be used to create walls by using bypass doors or by using a ceiling mounted barn door track system. Creating a new room this way gives you the freedom to open the space when needed. 

Hide the Unsightly

Barn doors are also a great way to hide your storage space. If you already have some walls installed in your basement, consider a sliding barn door to close off the space, concealing your storage area. Barn doors can come as wide as 7’ for single-hung barn door panels, making them ideal alternatives for wide door openings. 

How do interior barn doors work? 

Before you decide on adding barn doors to your decor, it is important to understand how they work. An Interior barn doors is simply a barn door panel that is held in place using special designer sliding barn door hardware. Rails and rollers allow the barn door to effortlessly slide back and forth on tracks. Interior barn door installation can be done using a hardware kit or they can be professionally installed. Once you choose your hardware kit, there are several styles of barn door handles that can complement your barn door hardware and overall decor. 

Interior Barn Doors for Your Home 

Barn doors offer many benefits that make it a smart and attractive solution to traditional doors and other sliding door styles. If you are pressed for space, a sliding barn door is a great choice since they do not have a door swing like conventional doors. They are also easy to open, making them a good option for families with small children. 

Sliding barn doors are available as single-hung barn door panels or double doors and come in a number of materials, including wood, metal, and glass. They enhance the overall style and design of a room and have become an integral part of many homes. Barn doors have expanded beyond the living room and bedroom and can be added to nearly every room in your home. 

Are you interested in installing interior barn doors? Artisan Hardware has a wide range of high-quality door panels and barn door hardware options to help you make a beautiful statement in your home. 
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