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Barn Door Hardware

Artisan Classic Barn Door Hardware
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Garrick Barn Door Hardware
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Arrow Barn Door Hardware
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Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware
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Box Track Barn Door Hardware
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Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware
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Orion Barn Door Hardware
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Buck Barn Door Hardware
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Vintage Strap Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Traditional Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Apex Barn Door Hardware
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Micro Top Mount Barn Door Hardware
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Vintage Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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No Show Sliding Hardware
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Vintage Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Vintage Top Mount Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Micro Barn Door Hardware
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Helix Barn Door Hardware
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Aspen Barn Door Hardware Kit - Big Wheel
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Small Barn Door Hardware For Cabinets
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Modern Spoked Wheel Barn Door Hardware
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Artisan Strap Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Artisan Top Mount Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Upton Barn Door Hardware - Big Wheel
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Contemporary Barn Door Hardware
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Huxley Barn Door Hardware
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Helio Barn Door Hardware
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Bypass Barn Door Hardware
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About Barn Door Hardware

You’ve chosen the perfect barn door for your space, so what’s the next step? It’s time to find the best barn door hardware to compliment your door.

At Artisan Hardware, all of our barn door hardware is made from quality materials and is handcrafted by skilled artisans. Our kits come complete with everything you need to hang your new barn door and are offered in a variety of style options to make sure you can find the right one for your space.

How to Install Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors make for a fantastic feature in any house, regardless of size or shape. They also fit incredibly well in numerous architectural styles, promising to deliver an upgraded look and feel.

If you’re ready to jump on the trend and install one of these yourself, it’s essential that you know how to install barn door hardware. The hardware, after all, is key to hanging your door. Whether you tackle the job alone or have someone to help you out, you’ll need to:

How to Install Barn Door Hardware

  1. Measure
  2. Install Mounting Board
  3. Hang Metal Rail
  4. Install Rolling Hardware
  5. Install Handle
  6. Install Floor Guide
Installing your barn door hardware is the key to the success of your entire barn door project. If the hardware isn’t installed correctly, you’ll run the risk of a door that hangs unevenly, at best, or the need for a complete re-installation, at worst.

How to Choose Barn Door Hardware

Choosing your barn door hardware is half the fun when it comes to a barn door installation project. There are a few things to keep in mind before you hit the “order” button, however. Keep these tips and tricks in mind when you’re getting ready to purchase your sliding door hardware.

Size and Amount

The size of your barn door will directly impact the required size of the hardware kit you purchase. If you have a standard size single barn door, you can expect to purchase a standard kit. If, however, you have double doors, you’ll need a double barn door hardware kit. If you have a bypass barn door, you should look for kits that are advertised as meeting the needs for bypass barn door hardware. Other options for your door also include ceiling mount barn door hardware.

If you’re working with a smaller size and mounting sliding barn doors onto cabinets, windows, or other locations that require a size reduction, you’ll need to shop for mini barn door hardware or small barn door hardware. Some kits will even list specific options, such as small barn door hardware for cabinets or windows.

If you find yourself struggling to find a kit that is made specifically for windows or cabinets, simply size your hardware down and match the measurements with the width of the barn doors you’ll install and the length of track required for your specific location.

Track Length

Track length will vary depending on your project and the location of your sliding door. Thankfully, most tracks come in both standard lengths as well as customizable lengths. If you need a length of five and a half feet but have room to spare, go with a standard size of six feet. Custom measurements may add extra time to your ordering process, but it may be well worth the wait if you have an unusual space and limited room for your barn doors.

Always double measure and have someone check your measurements if you’re unsure—it’s better to have someone confirm your measurements before you order than to order without doing so and face the need to return it. Customized-size tracks are often unreturnable, so it’s even more important to be sure of your measurement if you’re ordering a custom size.


The style of your barn door hardware is where you can focus on adding a bit of flair and fun to your barn door ideas. Sliding barn door hardware doesn’t have to be traditional or even farmhouse in appearance if you don’t want it to be.

Here at Artisan Hardware, we have more than 28 different styles to choose from! Your barn door is more than just wood and metal. It’s a piece of functional décor, as unique as your personality and nearly as customizable. Choose styles that work for your room, your home, and the unique look you’re striving to achieve.


The finish of your hardware is the final piece de resistance when it comes to determining the overall look and feel you want to create. Finishes can range from unfinished raw steel and forged metal to oil rubbed bronze, faded red, huntsman orange, copper, and everything in between. Once you’ve chosen the style you want, pick out a finish that matches the style of the door to complete the entire picture.

What’s in a Barn Door Hardware Kit?

If you’re getting ready to purchase a barn door hardware kit, it’s a good idea to know what you’re getting. At Artisan Hardware, our kits provide all the hardware you need to install your barn door—everything, that is, except the door!

We will provide the following in our barn door kits:
  • Two hangers – this is what your door is attached to and what will hang from the mounted track.
  • Mounting track – this is what your barn door will hang from.
  • Wall spacers – these keep your door from hitting the wall
  • Floor guide – this is what keeps your door in place rather than swinging from one place to the other when you open and close your door.
  • Stoppers – these make sure your door doesn’t fall off the track when you open it.
  • Anti-jump brackets – these make sure your door doesn’t jump the track.
  • Installation hardware – all nuts, bolts, and other assorted pieces required for installation of the above items also comes in the kit.
  • Installation instructions – no kit would be complete without instructions for installing your barn door hardware. We put a lot of pride into our instruction manuals, they’re some of the best ones around.

How to Install Barn Door Hardware

1. Measure

Measuring is, by far, one of the most important parts of your barn door installation project. Measure wrong and you could end up mounting your door crooked, not have enough space for your doors, or obtain the incorrect size mounting hardware. Too short of a space and you won’t have room for your doors. Too long of a space and you’ll have excess metal track that sits there doing nothing.

Take your time with this part of the project and familiarize yourself with how to measure a door before you begin.

To measure the space you need, you should double the width of your door opening for a single barn door. For sliding doors to work properly, your hanging barn doors should be able to slide completely past the opening on the mounting track. If you have double doors, make sure you have enough space on both sides of the doorway so that both sliding barn doors can roll away and leave the opening clear and unobstructed.

The total length your door will roll along is the length of measurement you’ll need for your mounting track. Other measurements to take include the hanging hardware, handle, and floor guide. You should also measure and mark on the wall where your mounting track should be installed.

2. Install Mounting Board

Installing your mounting board should be the next step of your project. The mounting board provides the required one inch of space between the door and the wall. This piece of wood should be cut to the length of the track for your barn door. After cutting it to size (but before installation), the mounting board should be painted to match the color of your walls so it doesn’t unnecessarily stick out.

Install the board after it has been painted and given time to dry. First, determine where the wall studs are all along the length of where you’ll place the metal rail. If you have double doors, be sure to locate studs on both sides of the door opening so you can mount the extended railing on either side of the door.

This next trick might require an extra pair of hands to help you out. While holding the mounting board up to the wall, transfer the stud markings to the mounting board. Once you’ve transferred stud locations to the mounting board, predrill holes in each of the locations.

Finally, before you mount the board, lay your metal rail against the board. Drill holes at each location as indicated by the installation instructions. Set the track aside and continue to mount the wood board.

Now it’s time to install the mounting rail to the wall. While someone assists, secure one end of the mounting board to the wall studs using a wood screw. Level the board and continue to the next predrilled stud holes until the board is secured firmly to the wall studs. If desired, cover the screw holes with wood putty and a dot of paint to blend in.

3. Hang Metal Rail

After you’ve securely fastened the mounting board to the wall, it’s time to hang the metal rail (also known as the barn door track). Depending on the length of the track, you might want continued assistance to hold the track while you screw it onto the mounting board.

Match the track up to the predrilled holes in the backer board and mount with the provided lag bolts and washers in your hardware kit. Once sufficiently attached, use a wrench to tighten each lag bolt, one-by-one.

Next, install the included stoppers on the metal track by sliding them into place at each end. Tighten the screw to keep them firmly in place. These stoppers will make sure that your door doesn’t slide off when you open or close it.

4. Install Rolling Hardware

When you purchase an Artisan Hardware barn door hardware kit, it will come with complete installation instructions. This means that when it’s time to install rolling barn door hardware, a simple reference to your instruction manual is all that is needed. Double-check to make sure you attach the rollers properly, as the way you attach the hardware might change depending on your door style.

Once you’re finished with the rollers, double-check your work to ensure each piece is tight and secure. At this point, you can even hoist the door onto the metal rail and carefully test it out. Observe how it hangs and slides. It should hang even and slide smoothly.

5. Install Handle

At this point, you’re almost done! The final touch is installing the handle for your interior door. In general, you want the mid-point of the handle around three feet from the bottom of the door. Place it on the outside edge where you’ll be using it to slide the door open and closed. If placing the handle on the inside of a door, place it inward enough that you avoid it hitting the wall when closed.

Place the handle on the door and mark the areas where screws will go in. Pre-drill the holes, then attach the handle permanently with screws included in your kit.
Once you have the handle firmly in place, you are finished! Hang your barn door, stand back, smile, and admire all of your hard work.

6. Install Floor Guide

Installing a floor guide is completely optional but is a well-worth-it add-on if you want to make sure your door stays firmly in place and doesn’t swing out when you open and close it.

Floor guides are simple pieces of hardware that either mount to the floor or the wall. At Artisan Hardware, we have five styles to accommodate everyone’s varying needs. Whether you want a roller guide that provides a smooth, secure, and fluid motion or a simple or a no-frills U floor guide that simply ensures minimal swinging, you won’t go wrong by adding one to your order.

When installing the floor guide, simply place the guide toward the edge of the doorway. At this location, the door should never leave the guide, even when completely open. If your guide has a width adjustment, fit it to the door before screwing it into the floor or wall. Mark the locations for your screws, pre-drill the spots, then move the door out of the way. Install the backside of the mount, then the front if it’s a two-part floor guide. Once finished, re-hang the door and place it into the floor guide at the same time. Slide the door open and shut and observe the guard to ensure proper placement and smooth guidance

Is Barn Door Hardware Adjustable?

Whether your barn door hardware is adjustable really comes down to the specific hardware you’re choosing. Some hardware kits may provide for adjustability; however, the hardware kits we design at Artisan Hardware are specifically engineered for the highest level of function. Our hardware kits are not adjustable, which makes it especially important to measure correctly before you install your hardware kit. If you’ve accurately measured your space, you should be able to work with one of our hardware kits to make sure the track fits comfortably within your space without providing too much or too little track length. 

No matter the size of the door opening you’re working with, our team can partner with you to determine whether you need a standard or customized track length to best work within your space. By putting in the work and precision to effectively measure your space, you can avoid the need for adjustable hardware elements later in the process.

How Much Weight Can Barn Door Hardware Hold?

You’ll find that barn door kits are designed to hold various weights; that’s why it’s so important to choose your barn door before you select its accompanying hardware. If you know the weight of the door slab you’d like to install, that decision informs your choice of hardware kit. 

Most barn door hardware kits will accommodate at least 200 pounds when it comes to the door slab. That’s roughly the weight of the average interior slab door. Other options can hold up to 300 pounds, which gives you a little more flexibility when it comes to choosing the material of your door. 

But if you’re interested in installing a solid wood door or a sliding barn door made of reclaimed wood, those door slabs are much heavier and you’ll need a different type of hardware kit. If you’re interested in installing a barn door that weighs 400 pounds or more, make sure to look for a sliding barn door hardware kit that’s touted as heavy duty. These kits are designed to hold up to 800 pounds and can generally accommodate just about any type of door slab you choose. Just make sure you know the weight of the door slab and that you carefully read the weight ranges your chosen hardware is designed to hold before making your purchase.

Can You Use Any Door with Barn Door Hardware?

For the most part, the answer is yes. While you’ll find many options on the market of doors specifically pre-designed to be used as sliding barn doors, in many cases you also can repurpose an existing hinged door as a sliding door. So, if you’ve found a dream vintage door or simply don’t want an existing wood or metal door to go to waste, there is the possibility that you can convert it to a sliding barn door. There are just a few items you’ll need to verify before knowing for sure.

First, does your existing door have enough width and length to fully cover your door frame? While a traditional swinging door fits within a door frame, a sliding barn door will need to be large enough to cover the frame from the outside. You’ll also need to make sure your existing door is a solid, rather than a hollow-core, version. Otherwise, you won’t be able to effectively install the sliding hardware. Most existing swinging doors also include openings for doorknobs—if this is the case, you’ll need to plan for filling the opening before being installing the hardware pull or handle. The same goes for any existing openings for the installation of hinges. If the door you’re working with meets these criteria, chances are good that you can repurpose it as a sliding barn door.

Enjoy Your New Barn Door

After all of your hard work, it’s time to stand back and admire your newly installed barn door! Though installing barn door hardware might sound daunting at first, there’s not that much to it as long as you follow the instructions.

Thoroughly familiarize yourself with each of the steps required to install your barn door hardware before you start. By becoming BFFs with the installation manual, you won’t have to fear installing the mounting board, metal rail, rolling hardware, handle, or floor mounts. You’ll be done before you know it and soon be enjoying the newly installed piece de resistance of your beautiful home.
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