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Quality Barn Door Hardware

Barn doors and barn door hardware are improving style and function across the world. Doors are now an individual canvas custom to each installation. Along with the aesthetic benefits, barn door hardware saves room space by sliding rather than swinging.

Doors are everywhere, an average home has more than 10 doors on ONE floor. With the vast amount of doors in buildings all over the world, why have them all be the same? Sliding barn door hardware allows for a creative touch, at Artisan Hardware we want to build your dream. To help, we’ve created a variety of barn door hardware options, each coming fully equipped with all you need to hang the door of your choice.

Artisan Crafted Barn Doors

Doors should be more than a separation between spaces, they should be statement pieces. At Artisan Hardware we believe barn doors can be an expression, a personalized touch that adds a unique signature to any home or office. We offer a collection of classic barn doors that have proven to endure time, and a modern and unique selection for those special spaces. Our catalog can be seen in the Barn Door section of the site.

Custom doors designed by customers are welcomed at Artisan Hardware, working hand in hand designing, building, and shipping the product of their creation. All sliding barn doors are handcrafted, using trusted methods and new technology to ensure that the door lasts in quality, and appeal.