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7 Beautiful Commercial Interior Doors for Your Business

Monday June 1st, 2020
When it comes to the inside of your business, you want to ensure it’s not only functional, but beautiful. The space you utilize to sell your product or service not only reflects what you do as a business owner, but who you are as a creator and innovator. Perhaps the best thing you can do beyond having a product customers love is creating a delightful space that customers want to be in. If you’re looking to spruce up your space, consider adding a beautiful commercial barn door.

7 Beautiful Commercial Interior Doors for Your Business

  • Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door
  • French Panel Barn Door
  • Classic 2-Panel Barn Door
  • Traditional Glass Barn Door
  • Classic Barn Door
  • Aztec Barn Door
  • Contemporary Panel Barn Door
No matter which door you choose, or the layout of your space, these pops of color and sophistication can add the perfect finishing touch to the interior of your commercial space. These doors are not only functional and beautiful, but they invite your customers to relish in the space you’ve prepared for their time in your building space.

What Type of Door is Best for Commercial Use?

When considering doors to dress up the inside of your space, there are numerous factors to consider. While it may be tempting to pick the first door that matches your space, you need to make sure the door will serve you in terms of functionality, as well. There are five things to consider when purchasing commercial interior doors for your building.


The durability of a wood door is one of the most important aspects to consider. Heavy duty solid core interior doors are going to be your best and most sturdy options. Hollow core doors or doors made of single-sheet plywood with wood veneer likely won’t cut it. The door you choose must be able to handle regular use by multiple people, especially depending on the area you’ll place it. If you’re using the door for a particularly high-traffic area, you’ll want to ensure you have a door that is made of durable materials to handle the extra use.


When choosing a door, it’s essential to match your door with the aesthetics, décor, and feel of your business. A chic wedding shop will have a different feel than a hair salon or a pub. Each type of business requires a door that seamlessly blends its function with the overall aesthetics of the commercial building itself.


Swing doors can be made from a wide variety of materials including wood, hollow metal, and laminated glass. Wood is going to be a sturdy material that works well indoors if untreated for weather or outdoors if treated. Metal doors can work either inside or outdoors, and glass doors function well in both locations, as well. If you want extra strength doors, steel doors are your best choice.

The material you choose depends largely on the function of your door. In terms of beauty, wood, metal, and glass will all serve to enhance the interior of your building. Commercial wood doors are known for adding sophistication and charm, whereas glass and metal add a modern touch. No matter what you choose, whether you go for wood or glass, you can’t really go wrong.


Whether you’re using your door in a dry, closed-in space or you’re using it in a humid area exposed to outside weather is a significant factor in determining which door is right for your business. While treated wood can be used outside, untreated wood doors must be used indoors. Glass options can be used outside, but you’ll need to treat or seal the metal to prevent rust. Interior and exterior doors will function differently, so be sure to choose wisely depending on the climate you’re in.


How much are you expecting your door to get used? Will it function as a room divider, patio doors, entry doors, a dressing room divider, or a décor piece? Depending on your answer, you’ll want to choose a door that can handle a significant amount of traffic and use. You’ll also want a door that is either immune to smudges from hands, such as wood, or can be easily cleaned on a regular basis, such as glass or metal.


Consider what you want your door to do. Is it to serve as a room divider? An office door? Privacy for dressing rooms? An accent piece? Depending on how you want your door to function, you’ll want to choose a door that functions correctly in your space. Sliding doors work best for offices, dressing rooms, and other areas that need to be partitioned off. Wood offers greater privacy than metal and glass combinations. Commercial interior wood doors can even function as garage doors or serve as an accent piece. When it comes to interior wood doors, your imagination is the limit.

7 Beautiful Commercial Interior Doors for Your Business

Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door

For a uniquely rustic accent for your business, the Artisan Brace Sliding Barn Door is just the thing. This aesthetically pleasing wood door looks like it comes straight out of Country Magazine. It could be featured in nearly any business that has a rustic feel, from hair salons and makeup studios to home and garden businesses and bakeries. The commercial wood and uniquely barn-door-feel is altogether warm and inviting while maintaining an elegant and even sophisticated air. It would go well with an indoor garden patio for a tearoom, a coffee shop, or a farm goods store. Nearly any environment that boasts a rustic element will work well with this beautiful door.

French Panel Barn Door

Whether you’re looking for an accent piece for an artist’s studio, an entryway for your organic garden store, or unique French doors to separate one part of your building from another, the French Panel Barn Door will add a uniquely modern flair.
This modern, elegant, and artistic door can be made with clear or frosted glass for the perfect look that accents your place of business. This door is perfect for areas where you need a divider, but you simultaneously want to see from one side to the other, or you want to let in natural light. For boutique garden centers, tea rooms, coffee shops, French cafes, and boutiques, these doors introduce a fantastic combination of elegance, sophistication, and a modern twist.

Classic 2-Panel Barn Door

The Classic 2-Panel Barn Door is as good as it gets when it comes to stylish, all-around wood doors that look good, fit in, and go well with nearly any type of business.  This sturdy wood door looks beautiful when finished with barn door hardware, such as a metal handle. Easily adjustable to any color scheme, this dynamic commercial wood door can be used as the focal point of a room, emblazoned with your logo to show off the uniqueness of your business. If you’d rather, it can also be used to function as heavy duty wood doors for dressing rooms, or as a partition from the main room to an office, or an inside nook to an outside seating area.

Whether you have a photography studio, a garden tearoom, a French café, or a garden nursery, this classic door can fit in.

If you want to “bling” up the commercial wood and add a rustic-chic flair, swap out traditional metal handles for crystal knobs. Rather than using the darker classic hanging hardware, choose brass, copper, or chrome instead. The smallest changes will take this door from looking like a straight farmhouse addition to a rustic shabby chic accent fit for any elegant eatery or studio you own.

Traditional Glass Barn Door

For a modern look that incorporates style and plenty of natural light, the Traditional Glass Barn Door is what you need. This door is ideal when you want a closure from one part of your business to another while still giving you the ability to see all the way through. The extra metal at the bottom of the door provides a bit of a kickplate that is especially helpful if small children enter your building with their parents. More metal at the bottom means less glass to clean when cute, but smudgy fingers and faces lean up against it.  

Where would you use a door such a this? This door has a clean, modern feel to it that works well in multiple businesses from a photography studio to a bakery, a boutique nursery, or a boutique clothing store. This door will make an excellent addition to any space where you want a touch of modern with clean lines and see-through or frosted glass.

Classic Barn Door

The Classic Barn Door is the simplest of all barn door styles that still adds sophistication and charm to any space it inhabits. Its clean lines resemble vertical barn wood. This is a wood door that can add charm to any business while remaining durable enough, thanks to commercial wood, to be used in high traffic areas easily.

If you have a business and need the ability to temporarily close off a space, such as a dressing room, this door is perfect. This will work exceptionally well in clothing stores, custom wedding dress shops, high-end suit shops, and other types of businesses where you have dressing rooms that need to be closed off in a cute and fashionable way. Add a door handle, and you’ve got a permanent fixture that will not only serve a functional purpose but will delight customers, as well.

Aztec Barn Door

For a truly unique look that adds charm and flair to any artist studio, photography studio, hair salon, clothing store, or artisan craft goods store, you can’t do better than the Aztec Barn Door. The unique pattern of this wood door gives off a creative and artistic vibe that compliments any number of businesses that put their creativity on display.

If you are going for a boho, shabby chic, beachy, or New Mexican feel to the interior of your business, this door will work wonderfully.  Hanging hardware such as gold or copper complement the geometric designs and creates an eye-catching centerpiece that will instantly add style and value to your business. Paint the door to match any color scheme you have for the ultimate pairing in function and style.

Contemporary Panel Barn Door

For an authentic rustic farmhouse feel, you can’t do better than the Contemporary Panel Barn Door. The three-panel appearance combined with the unique ‘x’ centered in each panel combine to form a unique door that accentuates any building interior with a rustic, shabby chic, or farmhouse feel.

While white, red, and rustic wood finishes emphasize the unique farmhouse feel of this door, any finish can be used to match the interior décor for your place of business. For a uniquely rustic feel, simply distress the door on the sides and ‘x’s. The door is solid and durable, making it the perfect option for high-traffic areas such as office doors, dressing room doors, and meeting room doors. Add a handle to avoid excess wear on the door itself, especially in high traffic areas.

Barn Doors: Beautiful, Stylish, and Functional

The wood and glass barn doors mentioned in this article are just several examples of beautiful, functional barn-style doors that can be used to enhance the inside of your building. No matter which door you choose, consider first your needs and the style you’re seeking to match. If you have a high-traffic area, be sure to choose a durable door built for constant use. If you need plenty of light or want your door to serve as a divider without blocking your view, choose an option that has glass panes instead of solid core wood doors. No matter which door you choose, tailor the hardware, and finish to accurately reflect your unique style and the feel of your business.

There are doors for all styles of businesses from breweries to boutique clothing shops to artist studios. No matter what feel you’re matching, from boho to farmhouse, shabby chic, or beach, there is a door that can meet your needs. With just a few changes of hardware and finish, you’ll have a door that stands as a conversation piece, a focal point, and a beautiful, welcoming aura for every customer that enters your business.
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