What are the Best Colors For a Kitchen? Guide to Painting Your Kitchen

Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
Choosing a paint color for your  kitchen can sometimes feel like an agonizing decision. A kitchen is a  place you’ll be spending a large amount of your time at home, and you  want it to be a color that will make the room feel warm and inviting,  yet spacious at the same time.
brick kitchen with a white sliding door
(See Modern Z Barn Door)
So what are the best colors for a  kitchen? And what color walls make a room look bigger? Check out our  guide below for some great suggestions on paint colors and color schemes  for kitchens.

Neutral Color Schemes

Neutrals are one of the most popular  color schemes for a kitchen and a home overall. They’re universally  pleasing, can make any space feel more open, and are great for those who  plan to sell their home in the future. Here are a few neutrals we  consider to be the best color for a kitchen.

1. Warm Gray

Gray has been the “it” neutral for  almost a decade, taking over the popularity of beige in the early 2000s.  But gray come in hundreds of shades and tones, so you want to make sure  you choose the right gray to fit your kitchen. A warm gray is a bit  more modern than a cool gray, offering an inviting undertone of pink or  yellow, rather than the blue undertones.
Warm grey kitchen color theme
(See Metal Panel Barn Door)

2. White

All-white kitchens have been all the  rage lately, but they’re also an enduring classic color that will always  feel refreshing. White is popular because it offers a blank slate to  work with, so you can easily add accessories and change your decor color  scheme without having to paint the walls. White can also open up space  and brighten even the darkest kitchen. As with any color, there are many  shades of white out there, so be sure to test swatches before you  settle on “the one.” White walls evoke a farmhouse feel, which means  they look great beside a rustic, sliding barn door.
white color theme kitchen
(See Modern Glass Barn Door)

3. Matte Black

This dark and moody shade is becoming  the new “it” color in opposition to the sea of all-white kitchens we’ve  been seeing for so many years. Matte black is the ultimate dose of  drama for any space. The shade can play up a modern and masculine space,  or work for a refined classic kitchen, too.
Matt black theme kitchen interior
(See Horizontal Panel Barn Door)

On-Trend Color Schemes

Certain colors come into fashion for a  few years and then feel dated a couple of decades later. If you’re  willing to take a risk (and willing to update your kitchen later) these  colors may be a great choice for you.

1. Navy Blue

If you want to achieve a  Pinterest-worthy, eye-catching color scheme in your kitchen, navy blue  is your color. Kitchens with either navy blue walls or deep navy  cabinets have been popping up as a welcome contrast to the popular  all-white kitchen. It’s a moody, dramatic color that will make a  statement and always earn a compliment when guests come to visit.
navy color theme kitchen interior idea

2. Sage Green

Sage green is one of the best colors  for a kitchen when you’re looking to achieve a unique, earthy vibe.  You’ll love the way the green provides a calm and relaxing environment  to cook and chat with friends and family. Sage green is an up-and-coming  kitchen color, so you’ll be ahead of the curve if you choose this color  scheme for your kitchen.
sage green kitchen sample
(See white rustic sliding barn door)

3. Pale Yellow

Yellow may seem like an unlikely  color for most kitchens, but it’s a fun twist that can bring brightness  and cheer to a room you’ll be spending a lot of time in. We love the  pale yellow we’ve been seeing in kitchens of the internet. It’s  reminiscent of a classy hotel or homey French kitchen, all in one  sunshiney package.
yellow theme kitchen interior idea

Get More Decorating Ideas

Any of these kitchen colors will give  you a modern, welcoming kitchen you’ll love for years to come. If  you’re looking for more ideas on how to complete your kitchen decor,  check out Artisan Hardware. Our unique barn doors add interest to any room and are perfect for enhancing a pantry or entryway to your kitchen. Learn more today.
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