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3 Tips to Make Your Entryway Feel Bigger

Thursday March 18th, 2021
Let's Talk Entryways ✨⁠

Entryways can sometimes feel small and cramped, but there are a few easy things you can do to make your space feel bigger than it really is!⁠

1. Keep it light and bright. Dark painted walls or big clunky furniture can make the space feel small and cramped. Keep the wall color light and furniture minimal to help the space feel larger. ⁠
2. Keep the eye looking up with a statement of a lighting fixture. If your space feels small, you likely aren't boasting 15-20 foot vaulted ceilings. Look for a light fixture in a current style that doesn't drop down super low. Youi want the eye to look up due to a statement piece, but you don't want that light fixture hanging down too low.⁠
3. Usually entryways have a coat closet of some sort in the vicinity. A great way to save on floor space is to replace that swinging hinge door with a sliding barn door. This keeps the closet easily accessible without a door taking up floor space. ⁠

Get some inspiration for your entryway!

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