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7 Types of Doors That Will Look Great in Your Home

Monday September 21st, 2020
Interior design is about bringing all the little details together to maximize the functionality of your space while matching your personal aesthetic. This means choosing the right furniture, windows, and doors to get the most out of your home. Whether you’re looking for a hinged door, sliding door, or folding door, several types of doors will look great in your house and add that unique aesthetic and functionality you want.
  1. Barn Doors
  2. Dutch Doors
  3. Double Doors
  4. French Doors
  5. Sliding Doors
  6. Bifolding Doors
  7. Pocket Doors
Each of these types of doors is best suited for different functions, and deciding which to get depends on your space. Some serve as excellent choices for interior doors while others are better suited as exterior doors. Understanding what each type of door has to offer will help you choose the one that is best suited for your home.

7 Types of Doors That Will Look Great in Your Home

Choosing the right door style can elevate your home’s appeal. Different types of doors offer different levels of functionality, and often lend a specific look and feel to the space. Whether you are looking for types of interior doors or types of exterior doors, there is a door style that is a perfect fit for your tastes.

1. Barn Doors

Barn doors are some of the most popular modern interior doors. A barn door is essentially a door slab that runs along a rail, covering and uncovering the door opening. Because there is no door swing, barn doors are an ideal option for small spaces. However, there does need to be at least double the width of the door so that there is enough space for the rail and for the door to open.

Barn doors are commonly used as bedroom doors, closet doors, and bathroom doors. Several different types of barn doors are available, including barn doors with solid wood door slabs, panel doors, or glass doors. If you’re considering a barn door for your closet, there are a couple of options available, including a barn door with a wide door slab, double barn doors, or you can even use barn doors as a bypass door. Each of these options gives you the look, feel, and functionality of a barn door in your room.

Going back to its roots, you may also want to consider installing an exterior barn door. Whether you are looking for a door for your barn, stable, or just your garage, exterior barn doors can give your building a unique look.  One nice thing about all exterior and interior barn doors is that they all use stylish and functional barn door hardware to help the doors smoothly roll open and close.

2. Dutch Doors

As the traditional “farm style” is coming back into popularity, the Dutch door is gaining followers once again.

A Dutch door is a wood door that is cut in half. This allows the top half of the door to stay open, while the bottom remains shut. However, the two halves can be secured together to use the door as a single door when needed. Dutch doors can be used as an interior door or exterior door.

As an interior door, Dutch doors often serve as an alternative to the swinging door. Rather than having a door that opens in both directions, the top half of the door can remain open and food can easily be passed between the kitchen and the dining room. Dutch doors can also be used as an alternative to a baby gate.

As an exterior door, Dutch doors are often categorized as a type of patio door. They can give your home’s entrance a unique look or help you keep an eye on your kids or pets in the yard. If you’re looking for a rustic feel in your home, a Dutch door should be a serious contender.

3. Double Door

When it comes to selecting an entry door, there are several types of front doors to pick from. While you can get a unique entry door with sidelights and a transom, nothing quite compares to the grand joy that comes from choosing a double door for your home’s entrance. With double doors, two door slabs join in the middle of the entrance when closed. This means that when both doors are open, there is an extra-wide entrance. Whether you are considering a wooden door, steel door, or fiberglass door for your home’s front entrance, a double door will give your home a grand aesthetic.

Double doors aren’t just for entryways though. They can also add a special touch to your home when used as interior doors too. For instance, double doors are a great option for an office door or master bedroom.

Double doors come in many different styles and designs, including solid door slabs, panel door slabs, and door slabs with glass panels. Additionally, double doors also give you the option of closing off the space or opening the space up by simply opening the two doors together. If you’re looking for a way to easily divide the space inside your home, double doors may be a great option to consider.  

4. French Doors

If a solid double door is not what you are looking for, consider French doors. French doors are like double doors in that they are two single doors that join in the middle of a wide door frame. However, rather than solid door slabs, French doors are typically glass doors or glass panels with a wooden or metal frame.

Like other types of doors, French doors can be used as exterior or interior doors. More often than not, French doors are considered a type of patio door and make an ideal addition to a kitchen or dining room. The glass panels allow natural light to flood the room, brightening the space and making it feel airy.

When it comes to interiors, French doors are an interesting option. Two glass doors allow you to easily divide a large space without making the space appear smaller. One way to incorporate French doors in your home is to use them as bedroom doors in your master suite, dividing your bedroom area from your sitting area. French doors are also an option for closing off a dining space in an open floor plan or to divide a home office from a living space. Because French doors are made up of glass panels, they maintain the airy and open feeling of the design while still providing the needed division of the space

5. Sliding Doors

Unlike traditional doors, sliding doors run along a track, sliding horizontally to open. There are several different types of sliding doors to choose from, including sliding barn doors or sliding glass doors.

Sliding doors are growing in popularity since they typically take up less space and do not require space to accommodate door swing. Sliding doors are commonly used as exterior doors, and  make excellent patio doors for several reasons. For starters, sliding doors let in lots of natural light, brightening the room. They also allow lots of fresh air to enter the space. Both of these factors help sliding doors give a room an open feel.

Another benefit of opting for a sliding door is the optical illusion they provide. By having large glass planes, it opens up the space, making the room feel larger. This makes sliding doors a great addition to any kitchen, dining room, or living room.

Inside the home, sliding doors are commonly used as closet doors. Using sliding doors on a closet allows you to easily access what is stored inside. They also require minimal floor space. This can be especially helpful if your bedrooms are smaller.

Like the glass sliding doors for the patio, you can also get an optical illusion in your bedroom when you use mirrored sliding doors. Using mirror sliding doors serves multiple purposes. It makes your room appear bigger than it is and acts as a full-length mirror. Whether you opt for a sliding barn door or a sliding door that runs along a track, these doors are a great option for smaller spaces.

6. Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors are another option for wide door frames and are a popular type of closet door. Unlike sliding doors where the entire panel slides horizontally, bifolding doors consist of multiple leaves that fold back on themselves to open the door.

Bifold doors are commonly seen on utility closets, laundry rooms, and bedroom closets. These collapsible doors only require minimal space since its door swing is no bigger than a single panel of the bifold door. Like other types of doors, bifold doors can be made from several types of panels including solid wood panels, glass panels, or even panels that look like shutters.

While bifold doors are commonly used on closets, they can be used as exterior patio doors as well. When used as patio doors, bifold doors can accommodate an even wider door frame. This means that when glass panels are used, it can open up the space even more than a traditional sliding door or French doors. In fact, with a bifold door, you could essentially open the entire wall, merging your interior and exterior living spaces into one. This can drastically elevate the overall appeal of your home’s interior design.

7. Pocket Doors

If you’re looking for an interior door for a small space, consider installing a pocket door. A traditional door requires space for the door slab to swing open. However, with a pocket door, the door slab is contained within a “pocket” or hollowed-out space in the wall. This means it is a flush door with virtually zero door swing, making it ideal for even the smallest of spaces, including bathroom doors.

Choosing to use a pocket door can give your home a streamlined look. They allow you to easily divide a space or join a space as you see fit, without the burden of a visible door in your design. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a boring wood door, though. Quite the contrary. Pocket doors can be just as unique as your personal style, whether you want a wood panel door or a frosted glass panel door, either one is possible while still getting the streamlined look that is only achieved with a pocket door.

Which Door Should I Choose?

Deciding which door type is right for you ultimately comes down to your own personal style and needed functionality. When it comes to picking a door for your space there some things to consider:

Exterior or Interior: Some doors are better suited for interiors only, such as pocket doors, while others can be used as interior doors or exterior doors. You may opt for different materials depending on whether your door will be an interior door or exterior door. For instance, using a solid wood door or a steel door as an external door will provide more security than a glass-paneled door.

Function: Before picking a door style, consider why you want to install the door and how you want it to function. If you are simply looking to divide your space, a barn door can provide a rustic, homey feel. Choosing a barn door with windows or glass panels can still give you the rustic vibe while keeping your space open and airy. On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about getting fresh air but you don’t want the dog to get out, a Dutch door may be a better option.

Space: It’s also important to consider the space you have to work with. If you are working with a small space, it is going to be important to choose a door style that has a small door swing, such as a barn door, sliding door, or pocket door. You’ll also want to consider the width of the space you are covering. Most doors can accommodate the standard interior door width. However, if your door opening is wider, you may want to consider a double door, sliding door, barn door, or bifold door.

Once you have determined the functionality that you want, where you’re hanging the door, and how much space you have, you can select the door style that best fits your needs.  

Which is Better? Bifold or Sliding Doors?

Both a bifold door and a sliding door offer many of the same benefits. Depending on the type of panel you choose, they both let in natural light, give the illusion of more space, and work with wider openings.

Likewise, both can be used as interior doors or exterior doors, though sliding glass doors will only be able to open as wide as a single panel. Sliding barn doors and bifold doors can accommodate almost the entire opening of the door frame. Therefore, when it comes to deciding which is better, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and your overall design aesthetic.

The Perfect Door is Out There

When designing your home, it’s easy to focus on the little details, like accessories and paint color. But it’s essential that you don’t overlook one of the biggest design elements in the room: the door.

Choosing the right door style can completely transform your space and elevate its overall design. With the level of customization available today, you can find the perfect door to fit your space, giving you both the look and functionality that you desire. All you have to do is be open to possibilities.
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