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Bypass Barn Door Hardware

$ 639.00

The Bypass Barn Door Hardware is efficient in tight spaces, offering a low profile alternative to the bulkier designs. The ability to slide one door over another makes the Bypass door hardware effective for closets, or multiple openings on the same wall.

Weight limit is 150lbs.

For door sizing tips, check out this VIDEO


Custom Color

Track Info:

Any track over 9ft will be sent in two pieces with a splice kit. ?

Feet *


Track Pre-Drilled

Door Guide


L Shaped Floor Mount Guide
U Shaped Floor Mount Guide +$5
Wall Mount Guide +$15
Stay Roller Guide +$30
Wall Mount U-Roller Guide +$30

Add Door Pull

Signature Handle +$25
Standard Pull Handle +$35
Simple Handle +$45
Transitional Handle +$50
Stainless Flat Handle +$40
No Handle

Add Flush Handle

Flush Mount +$35
No Flush Handle

Additional Door Hangers

Add 2 hangers for each additional door (set includes 4 hangers)

Upgrade to Heavy Duty

Includes upgraded brackets and straps for doors over 150lbs

Upgrade to Pre-Hung

?For FAST and EASY Install. Track comes installed on a header board. (additional lead time may be required)

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The Bypass Barn Door Hardware is the perfect solution to installations that have limited space available to hang the track. Rather than requiring twice the length of the opening for the track, the track can be the same size as the opening itself.

The set up is simple, there is one track that is installed like any other of the barn door hardware systems, and then there are custom made brackets that then hold another track off the wall to allow for two doors to be on separate tracks. Larger openings, closets, and room dividers constantly require such a setup of Bypass Barn Door Hardware rather than a single door.

While the installation may seem daunting, it is no more difficult than installing a basic set, it simply requires a bit more time.

Each set of barn door hardware ordered includes the following:

  • 4 Bypass Hangers and 2.5″ wheels
  • 2 Tracks at ordered length
  • Lag Bolts and Spacers, 2 per foot of track ordered (1 for each track)
  • All Bolts, nuts, and washers needed to install
  • 2 Bottom Floor Guides to prevent doors from swinging
  • 4 Track Stops
  • Brackets to Hang Second Track off the Wall (number of brackets depend on the length of track ordered.)

Any tracks longer than 9ft must come in 2 separate pieces. For the bypass, that would mean there would be 4 tracks sent rather than 2.


JS Calculator

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Standard L-Shaped Door Guide.

This is a our most popular door guide and attaches to the floor. It functions best with a channel cut out of the bottom of the door so the guide is not visible to the eye.

U-Shapped Door Guide

This guide is an option if your door does not have a channel to receive the L-Shaped door guide. It attaches to the floor and acts as a U-channel for the door to glide through.

Wall Mount Door Guide

This guide is an effective option if it is better suited to install the guide into the baseboard rather than the floor. It is adjustable so you ensure the best fit for your door.

Stay Roller Guide

Use this guide for a smooth rolling door guide that requires no groove in the door. It also adds an industrial style as the wheel is visible while door slides.

Track Length

The track length should be twice the width of the door itself. If needed, note that tracks less than twice the width may prevent the door from opening fully, and tracks longer will allow the door to slide further past the opening.

Pre-Drill or Not?

Pre-Drilled holes with have standard 16″ on center spacing. This is ideal for installations with a full header or backing in the wall. If you are attaching into studs, you will want to drill on site to ensure you’re holes match up.

All hardware sets include 2 straps with wheels and all the hardware to hang one door. Sometimes more doors are better than one, and multiple doors will slide on the same track. In these cases, you will want to purchase additional door straps, 2 for each door. Heavier doors may need more than the standard 2 straps (over 300lbs), and some creative projects require more as well. In these instances, add some door hangers and enjoy your own unique design!

Every 2 Additional Hangers Include Bottom Guide and Pair of Stops


Pre-Hung Hardware | Patent Pending Design


What it Means

The track arrives installed on a header board. Instead of assembling the loose components of spacers, lag bolts, stops, and stop bolts, you simply have one piece ready to hang.

How to Install the Header

Simply place the header over the opening and screw through the header and into the studs in the wall. Screws will be provided in the order.

Expedited Shipping

Make this selection if you are needing to recieve this item in under 3 days.

Note: Don’t hesitate to call with any questions. If you have a unique situation, we will do everything in our power to deliver.

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We have consistently tripled our total orders year over year, and that is due to our incredible customer service and our hand-made, no-compromises, made-in-America, high-quality products.

All our doors come with the option of having it Painted, Stained, or in Raw Unfinished.


With our painted option, you’ll have access to all of Benjamin Moore’s paint colors at your finger tips. This gives you over 2000+ options to choose from to find that perfect color that you need.


Easily select the perfect stain for your door with a click of a button. With the use Minwax’s most popular line of stains, you have the selection of beautiful, high-quality stains that offer a timeless, lasting look.

Raw Unfinished

By selecting this option, your door will be delivered to you sanded and prepped, but without any stains or paint. This is a great option for those planning on staining or painting themselves.

Along with our 3 Door Finishes, we offer an additional 3 Door Stylings to add that unique touch and personality.


Antiqued is the process of taking a painted door and sanding different areas of the door to give it added character and age. Once the door is sanded, a coat of stain is placed on the door and then wiped off, leaving the sanded areas with a unique stained/weathered look. There’s thousands of combinations that you can choose from depending on the paint and stain chosen.


Weathered is sanded in different parts like our Antiqued, just without the final step of staining the sanded parts. Weathered is a great option to give your door a naturally aged and rustic look.

Lacquer Clear Coat

Like the name suggests, a clear coat of lacquer is applied to the door. This is not only a great protectant to have over the paint or stain on the door, but also adds a nice sleek, shine to give a little extra something to the door.