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9 Reasons You Need a Rolling Ladder in Your Home

Tuesday August 25th, 2020
The rolling ladder is a timeless addition to any home. Whether you’ve dreamed of owning one since you watched Beauty and the Beast as a child, or you’re just now realizing a floor-to-ceiling rolling library ladder would look great next to your built-in shelving, adding a rolling ladder can bring fun, function and beauty to any space.

When you put a rolling ladder in your home, you gain:

9 Reasons You Need a Rolling Ladder in Your Home

  • Aesthetics
  • Appearance
  • Convenience
  • Storage Access
  • Library Access
  • Loft Access
  • Pantry Access
  • Ease of Decorating
  • Ease of Cleaning
Rolling ladders add depth, dimension, and quality to any part of the home. Not only will it provide an elegant, rustic, or modern appeal, depending on the room’s setup, but it will instantly upgrade your space and increase your home’s appeal.
They will make large rooms with vaulted ceilings more accessible and help shorter rooms with lower ceilings appear taller. Rolling ladders can be made to fit in nearly any room and provide an extra pop of beauty. The sky is the limit when it comes to installing a rolling ladder in your home. If you can envision it, you can make it come to life.


The best part about rolling ladders is that they are functional. There are numerous ways you can use one. They add aesthetics to a home that would otherwise be impossible to accomplish. So, apart from their functionality, what else can you do with a rolling ladder if you don’t particularly “need” one?

You could make a rolling ladder into a fixed decorative ladder that holds blankets. Change them out seasonally to match your décor and transform a living room, bedroom, or guest room into a cozy and inviting space.

Use the ladder to display seasonal décor such as pine or burlap garlands, string lights, or even an air plant or two. This works especially well if it’s stationary. The bonus with it being a rolling ladder comes in being able to move the ladder around to transform and fit the look you want according to the season and décor you’re using.

Place a wreath on the ladder to provide an extra pop of greenery and a cream-colored scarf or two to soften up the ladder. This is perfect for quiet rooms such as a sitting room, sunroom, or a nursery.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use rolling ladders even if you don’t particularly “need” one in terms of functionality. Be sure to match your room by choosing a wood that goes well with the colors, tone, and décor already in place.


A heavy duty rolling ladder can go a long way in transforming the appearance of a room in your house. There are two styles of architecture that will especially benefit from rolling ladders: homes with vaulted ceilings and those with low ceilings.

Homes with vaulted ceilings create a feeling of airy spaciousness, openness, and elegance. The main problem with homes that have particularly tall ceilings is that shelving is often placed far higher than can be accessed. Even a step stool won’t help when you’re dealing with walls and shelves that are 9 ft or higher. What do you do? Add a wooden rolling ladder.

Industrial rolling ladders not only make upper shelves and compartments completely accessible to you, but they also create the appearance of accessibility. No one wants to live in a home where half of the space isn’t accessible. Guests don’t like walking into a house where most of the space is so high they feel dwarfed.

Quality ladders look beautiful and lend the appearance of complete and total accessibility to anyone in the home. Want to reach that knickknack on the top shelf? No problem. Does a guest want to read that book? Let them climb the wooden ladders. Problem solved.

Homes with lower ceilings give the appearance of a more squatty room, less elegance, and confined space. Placing a ladder in the main room where there are floor-to-ceiling shelves will give the impression that the room is taller than it is. Ladders are associated with height and, unconsciously, a ladder will trick the eye into believing that there is more height to a room. This can help make smaller spaces look significantly more substantial and “add” space without having to do a complete remodel.


Along with style and aesthetics, convenience is one of the biggest “whys” behind the building of homes.

Why are there more cupboards and nooks for storage space than we know what to do with? Convenience. Why are new homes being integrated with all the latest smart technology? Convenience. You get the picture. Now imagine those cupboards, storage nooks, library shelves, and windows in your vaulted main room being completely inaccessible. You lose 25 percent of your storage space because you can’t even reach it. You won’t be able to read those books, and you might as well say goodbye to ever washing those windows without hiring a professional to do it.

There are many options when it comes to rolling library ladders. You could use a stainless steel rolling ladder, or even a heavy duty wood ladder, depending on your homes overall décor theme. Perhaps you want to paint it, or go with a custom ladder instead. Whatever type you choose, you’ll instantly add convenience to the list of reasons why you love your house. Store things up high, place books on any shelf you want, and don’t be afraid to wash those windows. Now, you’ll have access to even the hardest-to-reach parts of your home – and everyone else will, too.

Storage Access

Just imagine being able to reach storage space anywhere in your home. Those cabinets that you can barely reach even when standing on a step ladder? Not a problem anymore. The kitchen shelves that store more dust than anything else because they’re so awkwardly high? Get ready to put your favorite pots and pans inside.

The top of your closet that you haphazardly throw sweatshirts and winter coats? Start planning to transform your shelves into a neatly organized wonderland.

Rolling library ladder kits can do all of this and more! When you’re able to reach the highest spots of storage installed in your house, you’ll be able to create an environment that flows well, functions just as you’d like, and has room left over for storing memories. All your storage space problems are instantly solved!

Library Access

Most homeowners feel like they have one of two options when it comes to creating their dream library. One, they install floor-to-ceiling shelves and live with the fact that they’ll be unable to reach some of the books. Two, they limit how much shelving they install and instead place shelves only as high as they’ll be able to reach with a step stool. Neither option is ideal, and thankfully, you don’t have to choose either one.

With a rolling library ladder, you can build your bookshelves as high as you desire and still be able to reach every book you place upon the shelves. A sliding ladder with swivel casters is ideal for this since it can be positioned wherever you need it to be. No shelf or part of the wall is unreachable with a beautiful rustic rolling library ladder.

Loft Access

Does your home or dream home have a loft that you’ve thought about utilizing? Have you shrugged your shoulders when trying to figure out a safe method to climb up and create your cozy reading nook, kid’s play area, or extra sleeping quarters? A loft ladder is just what you need! Make this area entirely accessible for yourself, your guests, and even your kids.

When you use a heavy duty loft ladder, you can climb with confidence, knowing it won’t budge. Keep your kids and guests safe by installing a handrail onto the loft ledge, and you’ll have a whole new room in your house. Reimagine your new lofted space and design it just how you always envisioned it would be.

Pantry Access

Pantries are a chef’s best friend. Whether you’re the bake-on-weekends type, the make-everything-from-scratch type, or even the just-learning-to-boil-water type, a well-stocked, well-appointed kitchen pantry will quickly become your new best friend. But what happens when you have those too-high shelves that you just can’t reach?? You get a metal sliding ladder!

If you have an extensive pantry with shelves that stretch farther than you can reach from any one location, it’s best to install a rolling library ladder instead of a fixed ladder. This way, you’ll be able to access every shelf and corner in your pantry. No portion will be off-limits to you or your vertically-challenged family members who enjoy their late-night snacks.

Ease of Decorating

Have you ever wished you could easily access the highest areas in your house to string Christmas lights, burlap garland, all-season twinkle lights, redo curtains, swap out décor, and otherwise spruce up your home? With a rolling library ladder, you can! Thanks to the height, portability, and functionality of portable ladders, you can access any area along the track your ladder rests. You no longer have to get out your heavier-than-lead industrial ladder every time you want to change the décor on your walls. Just climb your rolling ladder, and you’re set.

If you have swivel casters on the bottom of your ladder for ease of movement, be sure to lock them in place so it won’t slide around while you’re hanging a new painting or removing fragile décor from a shelf.

Ease of Cleaning

With the aid of a rolling ladder hardware kit, you’ll be able to reach the highest shelves to dust, remove curtains, wash the windows, or clean the jar of jam that broke on the top shelf of your pantry. Rolling ladders simply make cleaning easier. And when regular household chores become easier, your life gets a lot better, too.

Rolling Ladders: Combining Aesthetics and Convenience

Whether you choose a rustic wood rolling ladder for your library, an aluminum or stainless steel option for your pantry, or a custom-made ladder for your loft, you won’t go wrong in adding a rolling library ladder to your home. Ladders add a significant touch of beauty and elegance to both high-vaulted rooms and low-ceiling homes. They create ease of access to any hard-to-reach part of your house and provide an extra layer of convenience, making even the most mundane tasks a breeze. If you want to create a beautiful, functional, and extraordinary home, install a rolling library ladder to transform the space you love.
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