Library Sliding Ladder

If you have tall shelving units in your home, a simple and stylish way to add functionality to those shelves is a sliding ladder. A rolling library ladder is a sliding ladder that attaches to installed hardware and rolls, giving you easy access to every shelf. Whether you have rows and rows of books, or are just looking for a functional accent piece, a sliding ladder may be just what you are looking for.

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The Library Sliding Ladder can be paired with sliding hardware. Made from hardened walnut or white oak wood, it creates a clean high-end look in any space. Accentuate sophisticated areas in your home or workspace with a beautiful and durable Library Sliding Ladder.

Each sliding ladder order includes the hardware in the finish of your choice. When measuring for the library ladder in your home, follow this standard rule of thumb: for every foot in height, the ladder will extend out from the wall 4". This should help you know how much space you will need for your sliding ladder.

A sliding ladder from Artisan Hardware is customizable; it can be created to fit any room in your home and match your personal style. Complete any room with tall shelving when you add a rolling library ladder.

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