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6 Benefits of a Pantry Barn Door

Thursday October 20th, 2022
Is your old pantry door getting in the way of your dream kitchen design? Maybe it really is getting in the way, and you need to upgrade to a door that will save space. Whether you have a current need in mind or are exploring pantry barn door ideas, these pantry barn door benefits are sure to inspire your next home improvement project.

Pantry Barn Door Benefits

  1. Ease of Access
  2. Customizable Look
  3. Hides Messes
  4. Flexible for Walk-in Pantries and Closet Pantries
  5. Saves Space
  6. Functional and Artistic
Having a sliding barn door for your pantry will upgrade your space in more ways than one. A new pantry door opens the possibilities for function, inspiration, creativity, and more.

Top 6 Benefits of a Pantry Barn Door

If you’re hesitant about upgrading your pantry door to a barn door, we hope these benefits encourage you to add an interior sliding barn door to your kitchen pantry.

1. Ease of Access

A sliding barn door can open up a space more than a hinged, swinging door can—for a few reasons. First, a hinged door swings out and can disrupt the flow of traffic in a home. When opened, it can feel as if the door is “closing off” the space. With a sliding barn door, it slides along a horizontal track, so it never swings out to disrupt the flow.

Second, when the sliding barn door is open, you get clear access to all your dry goods and full access to every part of your pantry. In some cases, hinged doors can block light from entering the pantry when opened, but this is never the case with sliding barn doors.

A pantry barn door is incredibly easy to access, as opening the sliding barn door is effortless. Artisan Hardware’s barn doors slide along a track, and we pride ourselves on how smooth the door pull is. Even when you’re unloading groceries, you can easily pull the door open.

Plus, with how open your kitchen pantry feels with an upgraded barn door, you may feel inspired to finally tackle that mess you’ve been ignoring (we’ve all been there). With no hinged door to get in your way, you can easily pull everything out, wipe down shelving, and organize it to Khloe Kardashian’s standards.

2. Customizable Look

If your old pantry door is getting in the way of your dream kitchen, don’t hesitate to upgrade to a door that will complete the look. Sliding barn doors have a unique aesthetic, and can match a variety of design styles. While some barn doors feature a traditional, rustic look, other barn door styles can easily fit into modern and contemporary designs.

For example, if you have a country style kitchen with stripped white cupboards and linen dish towels, you’ll love a rustic reclaimed wood pantry door. On the other hand, maybe you desire a modern look—in which case you might opt for a French barn door that features metal panels and clear glass. Metal barn doors give a distinct impression, as they are both elegant and modern, yet, traditional and timeless.

If you have a specific design in mind, then you’ll be happy to know that Artisan Hardware can create a custom barn door with our in-depth personalization options. This is where the design process gets truly exciting, as you can create the exact kitchen pantry barn door you’ve been dreaming of. By customizing your pantry door, you can ensure it matches the existing decor and aesthetic of your kitchen.

Customization options include the barn door style, material (wood vs. metal), glass finish, color/stain, and more. You can also choose custom barn door hardware to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. If you’re unsure which interior barn door you like, feel free to browse our extensive selection of high-quality sliding doors.

3. Hides Messes

For whatever reason, pantries are hard to organize. You can spend the whole day perfectly organizing your kitchen pantry shelves, and within a week, it will be an absolute mess again. Obviously, this isn’t the case for everyone, but the vast majority of us need something to hide our mess.

Why not hide the clutter behind a beautiful and elegant kitchen pantry door? Not only will you impress your guests with a unique sliding door, but you’ll also hide the day-to-day clutter that accumulates between deep cleaning and organization sessions.

On the other hand, if you’re an organization guru, you’ll probably want to show off your skills. In that case, a glass barn door with clear glass will complement your clean and beautifully organized pantry nicely.

4. Flexible for Walk-in Pantries and Closet Pantries

One of the benefits of a kitchen barn door is that it opens up the space and works well with any size or style of pantry. If you have a large walk-in pantry, you might consider adding a double door, which gives you full access to the pantry while allowing the doors to overlap.

If you have a small closet pantry, you can choose a single sliding barn door or pocket door, which slides discreetly into the wall. Barn doors are truly versatile and can be custom designed to fit your space. No matter the size of your rough opening, we’re confident we can design a kitchen pantry barn door that works for your home.

Plus, if you have a small closet pantry situated in a tight area, such as a hallway, an interior sliding barn door will open up the space and give you ease of access to your pantry. In this way, a barn door for kitchen pantry is wonderfully flexible and works well for walk-in pantries and closet pantries alike.

5. Saves Space

While this benefit has been mentioned a few times already, it’s worth mentioning again because it’s incredible how much space a barn door can save. Since most of us are used to a traditional swinging door, we often don’t realize how much space they take up when they’re open.

Hinged doors takes up a significant amount of space when opened. In a high-traffic area, such as the kitchen, this can make the area feel overcrowded and disrupt the flow of traffic.

If you’re already dealing with a tight area for your kitchen pantry, or your kitchen is small to begin with, you’ll love what a barn door can do to maximize existing space.

6. Functional and Artistic

A pantry barn door not only saves space, but it also serves as an outlet for creative expression! The aesthetic design of a barn door is already a work of art, but you can take it one step further by opting for a chalkboard barn door. In this way, your pantry barn door is both functional and artistic.

If you have kids running around the kitchen while you try to make dinner, a chalkboard barn door will give them a fun and creative activity to do. On the other hand, maybe you love artistic to-do lists or a fun “menu of the week.” You can practice your art skills and more with a barn door that serves as both a chalkboard and a functional door.

If chalkboards aren’t your thing, you can custom design a pantry barn door that is as unique and distinct as your tastes. Go bold with your design, such as a matte black barn door with gold door hardware. Or, you could keep it traditional (yet beautiful) with a reclaimed panel wood barn door with white barn door hardware.

No matter the barn door style or color you choose, your pantry barn door will be a lovely and functional addition to your home.

Artisan Barn Doors for Kitchen Pantries

In order to give you a few barn door ideas, we’ve included a few of our top choices for kitchen pantries. We hope these interior barn doors inspire you and help with the design process, as they are both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

  • Artisan Half X—This a beautiful barn door adds a bit of rustic charm the traditional X design you would traditionally find on an old barn. With the Jacobean finish, it has a dark walnut look that shows the texture of the wood, which would fit perfectly in a country or farmhouse style home. Customize the height and width to fit your pantry space, and don’t forget to add the barn door hardware to match!
  • Classic 2-Panel Barn Door—As the name suggests, this barn door offers a classic and simple, yet elegant design. This door features vertical panels separated by a horizontal sharp edge that creates a separation between the two halves of the door. This versatile design fits well in any style of home, whether it be contemporary or farmhouse rustic. Customize the wood species, finish, texture, and more!
  • Metal Panel Barn Door—This is a great choice for those who would like their door to be multi-functional, as it features a raw metal center surrounded by stained alder wood. The metal is magnetic and serves as a drawing board for your latest ideas and recipes! This metal barn door is heavy duty and slides effortlessly with our expert-crafted barn door hardware.
  • Chalkboard Barn Door—This door is a beautiful and functional addition to your busy kitchen! The material is alder wood that can be customized in the finish of your choice.  The chalkboard center serves as a creative space, where you can write down recipes, grocery lists or give the kids a place to draw while you prepare dinner.  

Choose a Pantry Barn Door to Upgrade Your Kitchen Space

Pantry barn doors are one of the best upgrades you can give your kitchen and pantry space. They’re aesthetically pleasing, fully customizable, give you more space, and are extremely easy to use.

Whether you’re looking for kitchen design inspiration or have a pantry barn door in mind, Artisan Hardware is here to help. We’re happy to help you create the pantry door design of your dreams with our extensive selection of high-quality barn doors.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your old, hinged doors, check out Artisan Hardware’s selection of custom barn doors today! We have the perfect door for any need, whether you’re looking for closet door ideas, an exterior patio door, or want to upgrade your laundry room, we have the barn door kit needed to complete the project. Don’t hesitate to reach out today if you’re ready to begin your dream renovation.
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