Farmington is one of the top cities in Utah, with a population of almost twenty four thousand. The city is situated in Davis County. It acts as a great attraction to many visitors every year. Most of the residents here are also home owners because of its conduciveness and modest cost of living. However, you also find that are also those who live in rental houses. Most of them are those who work in the different places in the city. As a visitor, you are not limited on attractions you can see and also activities you can get engaged into.  So, if you are planning to visit the area, the most critical things to do good research and find more information on the best time to enjoy your vacation here.

Attractions and what to do in Farmington, UT

Lagoon Amusement Park

This is a top attraction that makes thousands of visitors come to this city every year. It is a great amusement park that makes Utah a popular attraction to visitors. It has an amazing water park, thus it gives you an opportunity to enjoy lagoona beach. To get the best, you will need to rent a tube. When you visit the park you also have a great opportunity to enjoy more than sixty thrilling rides, live entertainment and more that forty challenging games. This means that regardless of who you visit the place with, everyone has something to enjoy here. If you have children they will really enjoy the rides and you can also decide to pay more for them to enjoy the go karts. In the park you also get to enjoy food sold at an affordable price and there are also hygienic rest rooms, so you are no need to worry about your safety.

Station Park

The station park is another spot you should never fail to visit when you are in Farmington UT. Here you get to enjoy great shopping, dining and other fun filled activities with your group or family members.  You will get to enjoy an elegant movie theater and a water fountain that has got water that show once every hour. If you have kids, they also get to enjoy playing in a playground that is designed specifically for them. The good thing about this park is that it has a lot of free fun events you can enjoy. There is a village situated in front of the Cinemark, where you get to have all the fun you want.  Other things you get in the park include grocery store and free parking.

Cherry Hill Water Park

This is a center filled with a lot of fun things you can do with your family.  It occupies twenty acres that was once a fruit farm. Some of the activities you can enjoy here include climbing wall, a water park, kid’s playground, batting cages and miniature golf. Besides, there is also picnic pavilions and a camp ground.

For residents and visitors, Farmington is a great place to stay. Serene weather conditions and all the fun things makes a top city to visit not only in Utah, but the entire United States.

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