Cherry Hill is one of the top amusement parks you can pay a visit near Kaysville Utah. This is a park that many people have become fond of because of its great facilities and good environment. Despite that it is not as big compared to most other parks; it has a lot to offer. You can come here with your family, as a group or even alone. Having begun as just a campground in 1967, it has grown to become one of the most popular amusement parks around Utah.  It is its popularity as a camping site that made the management to think of increasing some facilities and incentives that make it a great place for everyone to visit. The water attractions were added to it to make it attractive for campers to have a good time during the summer season.

Things to enjoy doing in Cherry Hill

The amusement park attracts more visitors during the summer when the weather is hot. Its major focus on water riding is what has made more and more people get attracted to it during the warm weather conditions. There are also many other attractions that have made it a great park for all people with different interests. Some of the many other attractions you get when you visit here include a ball crawl for children, arcade games, basketball for trampolines, jungle themed maze, a rock climbing wall and several weekends concerts. Thus, depending on your interests you will find the park a great place to relax.  You should also not worry if you are coming here with many people with different interests because there is something for each one to do.

If you are coming here with your children, they will enjoy a lot of fun because of the water fountains, pirate ship and little water slide. There is a little water slide that most children have find a lot of fun because it is of the right size even for a two year old kid. There is a dragon water slide that is also a favorite for people of different age groups. Besides, there is also a sleeping baby dragon. Here you have an option to use a mat or go without it. One of the things you realize is that it is faster to go with a mat. You can decide to try the two options and enjoy with your babies. The good thing is that you do not pay for the tubes. You will find them at the bottom of the slides and you can use them for free.

During the summer, cooling your body swimming is a great adventure. At Cherry Hill, there are different swimming pools you can get into. There are pools that are children friendly where your kids will enjoy jumping into them repeatedly. There are also shady spots where you can enjoy camping during the night. You can spread the blanket and have a memorable picnic. There is also a gift shop and food services provided, so you can enjoy your favorite delicacies too.

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