Centerville is located on the southern eastern side of Davis County in Utah. It is situated on the Far East side of the Great Salt Lake. The area experiences varied temperature depending on the season. During the hot summers the weather is warm, while during the winter, the temperature is usually very cold. There are five public schools in the city, with the most popular one being ViewMount high school and there are also several private schools. The rate of unemployment in the city is 2.9 percent meaning that it is lower than the average rate in the United States which stands at 3.9 percent.  The rate of job growth has increased in the recent years as a result of rise of the informal industries. The cost of living stands at 20.9 percent higher than the average in the country. The different government departments in the different sectors including the law enforcers, public servants among others are rated high due to their good performance. The crime rate is also lower compared to other cities in Utah, making the city a great place to stay reside or visit. For residents and visitors there are a lot of things to do, enjoy and attractions that will make you love the city.

Centerpoint Legacy Theater

This is one of the major attractions you will find in the city. It is a theater where you get to experience high level performances. Despite that it is not too large compared to most others in Utah, it is intimate and nice. It is well maintained with cleanliness at the top levels. The performances here are of exceptional quality with performers from different parts of the United States and also outside the country.  You can buy water and candy, thus making your experience here awesome.  The seats are also elegant and comfortable for you to sit on even for many hours. The good thing is that unlike most other theaters, you can go with your family as the performances here are family friendly and appropriate for people of different ages.

Whitaker museum

If you are enthusiastic towards learning more about history of Utah and the United Sates in general, Whitaker museum is the place to be.  Here you have the opportunity to explore the story of Centerville. You also get to see some of the home of the early residents of this city. You can decide to come here with your children, so that they can also learn more about history.

Planet Beach Centerville

For relaxation and good time, you can also make a point of visiting Planet Beach. Here you will enjoy high quality private spa at a more affordable cost than most of the other spas you get in the city. You get different tanning options, so you have an opportunity to select the one you prefer. The customer service here is exceptional and the treatment is done in a professional manner. You enjoy the entire spa experience you get in Planet Beach.

There are many more attractions and things to enjoy in the city. All you do is choose the ones that are appropriate for you.

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