If you want to enjoy a great hike near Kaysville Utah, you need to consider the Adams Canyon trail.  This is a trail that measuring 3.8 miles in length and almost 1400 ft. high. In terms of the time taken although this will be determined by your speed and strength, it takes about three to four hours.  You can visit this place during the summer, early fall and late winter. However, the area is accessible all through the year, but visiting during the indicated times gives you a better adventure.  The trail is rated as moderate meaning that it is perfect for people with different abilities.

How is Adam canyon trail?

This trail begins with modest switchbacks and elegant scenery of the valley. From there, you will now reach its entrance and the hike begins. At the beginning on the canyon, the area is not covered, meaning that there is little shade.  Once you start the hike in the canyon, the route is covered and there are ups and downs as you move along the creek with several streams to cross. As you get closer to the water fall, you will have a moderate, but steady climb.  The water fall is forty foot high at the end of this trail, thus you have to be sure that you can climb such a height without any issues. In front of the waterfall, there is a small pond you have to wade in. There are many points that will interest you and also if you are going with your children, they will also find a lot of fun it.  If you have pets such as dogs that you would like to accompany you, they can also use the trail without problems. The trail is also connected to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

With its moderate nature, the trail experiences heavy traffic especially during the holidays and weekends. However, you will also be sure to come across some rocky climbs and scrambles. It can also get sunny, especially during the summer, so it is advisable you start early. As you enjoy the trail, you also have to cross rocky and wide stream at the top, so that you can have a good view of the waterfall.  In case you decide to visit this place during late fall through to the early spring, it is good you have spikes because you might find ice. The hike has elegant views that will give you a memorable experience.

Things to know in advance

Before you visit Adams Canyon Trail, you need to know that there are many side trails branching from the main trail. You need to avoid following them because they will lead you to nowhere. They might confuse you, so the best thing is to stick to the main trail. It is also not advisable for very young kids below five years old. In overall, the Adam Canyon Trail is a perfect hike for people with different capabilities, but as with any trail, it is good to research in advance to get more information.

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