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8 Stunning Office Doors That Make a Lasting Impression

Tuesday July 14th, 2020
While your entire office's design and decor should make a statement about what type of company you are, your office door plays a crucial role in your guests' first impression. It should be representative of your company's ambiance, but also complement the style of the overall office building. The following barn doors are some of the many door types that making a lasting impression:

8 Stunning Office Doors to Make a Lasting Impression

  • Classic 2-Panel Barn Door
  • 3-Panel Glass Barn Door
  • Midcentury Panel Barn Door
  • Horizontal Panel Barn Door
  • Modern Glass Barn Door
  • Traditional Glass Barn Door
  • Industrial Panel Barn Door
  • Aries Barn Door
Choosing the right office door can help set your business apart from your competition as well as other offices in the same building. There are many different doors that will work for offices, but barn doors offer a versatile solution by maximizing office space and working with many different design styles. By opting for a barn door, you don't have to worry about door swing in your reception area. This can be ideal for smaller offices. Likewise, barn doors can be a good option for office buildings with narrow corridors. There is no door swing and it keeps the corridor available for foot traffic.

When it comes to office doors, it's understandable that there is always the concern of safety, whether it is for a professional office or a home office. Despite the common misconception, security is not a concern for barn doors with the simple installation of a barn door lock. Once the door lock is installed, the door will be secured like any other door. Simply add a sign or name plate to the barn door of your choosing and create the perfect first impression for your company or workplace.

Stunning Office Doors That Make a Lasting Impression

Interior barn doors are often associated with residential interior design, but they actually make ideal commercial interior doors. Gone are the days of the boring wooden doors. With the many styles of barn doors available today, you can quickly give your workplace a professional look with minimal effort. The door itself, in combination with its hardware, creates the perfect vibe without the need for additional office door decorations. Many of these stunning office doors leave plenty of room for office signage to direct customers and employees to the right place. If you're looking for a door that makes a lasting impression, consider these barn door styles.

1. Classic 2-Panel Barn Door

The Classic 2-Panel Barn Door is a simple style that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Unlike other styles of barn doors that are heavy on details, the simplicity of the 2-panel barn door helps it blend in, no matter the style of decor. It uses engineered alder rails and stiles, as well as mortise and tenon joinery to create a sturdy, long-lasting door. Plus, it can easily be adapted into any color scheme and comfortably accommodates a custom door sign  or name plate identifying your company.

One common issue with office doors is that they are only suitable for a professional office or a home office. However, this classic style is versatile enough to work in both settings. So, whether you are looking for a solution to separate your home office from your living space or want a stylish solution to give you privacy from your coworkers in a professional office, the Classic 2-Panel Barn Door is a good one to consider.

2. 3-Panel Glass Barn Door

For an office space with a modern design, consider the 3-Panel GlassBarn Door. This style is a contemporary take on the traditional barn door. Rather than having a single slab, the door has three equal panels of tempered glass. The equal-sized panels give the airiness of a glass door with a stronger sense of structure. It is extremely versatile in its final look, complementing a variety of design styles.

Match your décor perfectly with a traditional wood or painted finish. The style can be taken up a notch with the selection of glass, with options such as clear, frosted, tinted, or fluted. With so many different combinations possible, you can create an office door that makes the perfect statement about your organization. While the 3-Panel Glass Barn Door is less suited for a plaque-style office door sign, the glass panels are large enough to accommodate an adhesive logo or sign, letting your branding integrate seamlessly into your overall office décor.

3. Midcentury Panel Barn Door

If the large panels in the 3-Panel Glass Barn Door are too revealing for your office door, the Midcentury Panel Barn Door is the perfect solution. It features an offset piece of glass in alder wood, adding a bit of modern flair to your office door.
In office buildings with an atrium or a windowed corridor, this style works particularly well since the glass allows light into the space while the door is closed. This helps open your office reception area while still allowing for privacy. If the tall, narrow glass panel is still too intrusive, you can choose a frosted or textured glass panel.

The Midcentury Panel Barn Door is the perfect solution for a medical facility and or professional office. The sleek style of this door helps give a clean look to your office decor while still offering plenty of space for a customized door sign to help visitors quickly identify the office.

4. Horizontal Panel Barn Door

A simple design can go a long way toward creating a stylish office space that matches the personality of your organization. The Horizontal Panel Barn Door is a timeless design using horizontal slabs of wood to create a versatile look, complementing nearly any type of interior design.

Select several different finishes for the wood grain or simply paint it to integrate the door into your existing decor. This style is similar to the basic office doors that are traditionally found in professional offices. However, because it slides on rails along the wall, it eliminates the swing associated with traditional doors. This makes it the perfect solution for offices that have small reception areas or corridors.

A simple door doesn't have to be boring. Instead, the simple design helps draw attention to the hardware you select. Keep it simple with a box track or get more creative with a traditional wheel or horseshoe style hardware. The Horizontal Panel Barn Door also saves you wall space while also giving you plenty of room for an office sign directly on the door to help guests and employees easily identify your office.

5. Modern Glass Barn Door

Whether you're looking for sleek or rustic, the Modern GlassBarn Door makes for an ideal glass office door. Crafted from engineered alder wood, the Modern Glass Barn Door is designed to work in a variety of climates and minimize warping.

When you opt for a painted door, the crisp lines help give your space a modern vibe, whereas a wood stain with a weathered texture will give your office a vintage feel. Using glass doors in your office will give your office the feel of an open floor plan while offering the noise cancellation benefits of a traditional door.

Glass office doors are beneficial as a front door too, especially in buildings with numerous offices. The Modern Glass Barn Door gives you all the space-saving benefits of a barn door while still allowing you to hand signage to help your visitors navigate the bustling office building.  

One downside to glass doors as office doors, however, is the lack of privacy. In scenarios where privacy is needed, you can opt for frosted or textured glass. This will still help open the space by letting in natural light while providing the needed privacy.

6. Traditional Glass Barn Door

A growing trend in office design is using industrial decor that features metal and glass. The Traditional GlassBarn Door integrates seamlessly into the industrial style.

Like the Modern Glass Barn Door, this style visually offers the open floor plan while providing the needed privacy and noise cancellation. This particular style divides the glass into three equal panes. While they can be used as a single doorway, this style is ideal for French doors.  Using the Traditional Glass Barn Door as French doors allows you to make the office feel more open.

These doors can be used on individual offices, but they are also a great solution for conference rooms. The open feel that these doors provide can help encourage collaboration among employees. This door style can also be used as a front office door, using frosted or textured glass to provide privacy.

7. Industrial Panel Barn Door

Sometimes you want to get the industrial look without losing the privacy a solid door provides, which is where the Industrial Panel Barn Door comes in handy.

In order to preserve the lightweight function of a barn door, the Industrial Panel Barn Door is actually a wood door covered in metal. This helps keep the design smooth and consistent by removing the need for weld marks.
The metal used in this style of door is raw rolled steel with natural steel blemishes. This naturally gives the door a variation of tones ranging from dark grey to blue. Given that the interior of the door is wood, this style gives the same level of privacy as any other wooden office door, saving you from the distractions of passersby that are common with glass doors.

Industrial Panel Barn Doors help add style and substance to either your home office or professional office. If you're in an office building, like other barn door styles, you can easily attach a nameplate or adhesive signage to the door to help your visitors, clients, and employees identify your office.

8. Aries Barn Door

The Aries Barn Door adds a touch of charm and flair to any office. It's easy to incorporate this uniquely patterned barn door into your interior design.

The patterned door, which comes in MDF or knotty alder wood, can be pulled into your decor through complementary colors or patterns depending on the desired style of your office. Office chair upholstery can also help complement the unique pattern on the door.

While the sliding door offers privacy for your office, the pattern on this office door can also serve as its own statement piece in the space.

You can also draw more attention to the pattern of the door by opting for simple door hardware in brass, copper, or chrome hardware with a small wheel.

Unlike other barn doors mentioned in this list, the Aries Barn Door doesn't lend itself to any kind of nameplate, plaque, or adhesive logo. Instead, we recommend hanging yoru custom office sign on the wall next to the door. Just make sure that the door doesn't cover the sign so that guests can easily find the office.

If the Aries pattern isn't quite what you are looking for, check out other patterned barn doors including the Herringbone Barn Door, the Diamond Barn Door, and the Aztec Barn Door.

Enhance Your Entrance 

These barn doors can give your office entrance an entirely different feeling. The best part is the easy installation. Because they run on a rail, anyone can learn how to install a barn door without worrying about the door frame.
This rail system also means that you can take your office entrance to the next level with the hardware you choose. You can find hardware in several different styles from conservative to bold. You can also take the customization a step further by selecting hardware in different finishes such as black, steel, bronze, brass, chrome, copper, red, and white.

If you're cramped for space, consider installing a bypass system. This requires less track space on the wall next to the door but still allows you to transform your office's entrance with one of these stunning office barn doors.

What is a Standard Office Door Size? 

The beauty of barn doors is that they come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2 feet to 7 feet. But, when it comes to commercial doors you want to adhere to building codes. The International Building Code requires that your office entrance is at least 32-48" wide and at least 80" tall. You can make your entrance any size as long as it falls within these parameters. That being said, the standard office door size is typically 36" x 80". 

Make a Good Impression

Your office entrance is one of the first things your guests, clients, and employees see and therefore plays a role in the first impression of your organization. This is why it is important to have an office door that properly represents your company. The use of barn doors is becoming increasingly popular in commercial decor given the many benefits. These stylish barn doors are just a few of the many examples of barn doors that can be used to enhance the entrance to your workplace. No matter what atmosphere you're trying to achieve, there's a barn door style to perfectly match.
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