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No Show Sliding Hardware


No Show Sliding Hardware
Shown in our Black finish.
Available in multiple finishes & lengths

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No Show Sliding Hardware


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NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
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NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
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4 Reasons to Buy No Show Barn Door Hardware

There’s a lot to think about when purchasing a sliding barn door for your home. One consideration is the type of hardware you choose to install on the panel. Compared to traditional hinged doors, sliding doors have many innovative options for hardware that span across style and function.
While many homeowners choose a sliding track system that matches their interior decor or make a statement, many others choose a more unsuspecting option called “no show barn door hardware.” There are a few reasons why renovators and owners alike choose this option:

Weight rating: 200lbs per pair
Clearance needed above the door: 1 inches

4 Benefits of No Show Barn Door Hardware

  • Aesthetics
  • Low Ceilings
  • Door Size
  • Door Opening Size
If you identify with any of the above situations, Rustica’s No Show Hardware is the perfect solution. The system can be installed into the door frame of any metal or wood door, just like a regular track. The only difference is that you won’t be seeing much of the discrete hardware once it is installed.
The no show sliding barn door hardware guarantees a nice and functional design for those tricky installs where standard hardware will not fit. This new system allows you to hide the view of the barn door wheels creating a fresh modern design.

Each set of barn door hardware ordered includes the following:
  • All Hardware is Powder Coated
  • 2 No Show wheels
  • Spacers and Lag Bolts, 1 per foot of track ordered
  • 2 stops for the end of the track
  • 1 bottom guide
  • All hardware, nuts, and bolts needed to attach the hardware to the door

4 Reasons to Buy No Show Barn Door Hardware

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the reasons why a homeowner or renovator might choose to purchase a barn door hardware kit that features the no show system. As you read through the examples below and consider your own place, remember to visualize all the spaces in your home where you might benefit from choosing the minimal and subtle design of no show hardware. Think of your closet door, shower door, cabinets, and pantry, as well as doorways throughout your bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas. Nothing is off-limits because this system is compatible with every type of interior door offered on Rustica’s site.


While some crave the boldness of geometrical, flat black hangers or the farmhouse appeal of distressed metal hangers, some homeowners honestly just want their door panel to be the only element to make a statement, especially if they’ve designed a custom barn door.

Whether the additional details of a track system would distract from your door design or if you really want to hone that minimalist approach, a no show track system is the ideal option for your interior door. Most often, this type of design is found in modern or contemporary homes, but the system also complements traditional or rustic decor as well.

Low Ceilings

Among the many design-related situations where a no show door system is best, there are also a few practical circumstances in which no show is the ideal choice.
A room with low ceilings is usually one of the most common problems that homeowners encounter when installing a sliding barn door. Though vaulted ceilings are far more common in new constructions or renovated homes, this wasn’t always the case. Older homes in particular usually feature much lower ceilings.

If you own an older home and are taller than average height, you’ve probably noticed this dilemma before. A great example is installing a sliding closet door in a low-ceiling bedroom or basement. A no show system works best because the hardware is installed on the back of the door panel, so it won’t take up any additional height. This allows the panel can stretch from floor to ceiling.

It won’t fix your low ceiling dilemma, but it will allow you to feature beautiful sliding doors in your home!

Door Size

Ceiling height isn’t always an issue simply because of outdated architecture. Sometimes homeowners buy oversized door panels as a statement piece. The best option for this scenario is barn door hardware featuring Rustica’s no show system. Like with low ceilings, this door hardware will allow the door to slide back and forth without scraping.

Door Opening Size

Conversely, there are times where the door opening itself is taller, leaving less space above the door frame. You might not have the ceiling and wall clearance you need for a traditional track system, so a no show barn door hardware system is your best bet.

No Show Barn Door Hardware is Great for Small Spaces

Rustica’s innovative no show hardware is designed to be compatible with the entire track system purchased with your door kit. Each door roller and hanger in your barn door kit will glide smoothly and silently along its track, barely visible to the eye.
The only pieces of the door track that will be visible are the screws and a very small section of the track. Because there is limited visibility, we have also taken into consideration the design of the barn door track. As with the other track systems, we offer our no show design in more than 20 different finishes that pair nicely with any door lock and decorative hardware options.

So, whether you’ve purchased a single sliding barn door or biparting doors, you can enjoy subtle sliding barn door hardware without distracting from the panel’s design.
Sometimes the choice to purchase a no show system is out of necessity, but other times it’s simply just buyer preference. No matter the case, our beautifully crafted doors will surely make a statement. The choice to visually accompany the panel with hardware or let the door take center stage is entirely up to you!

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