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Metal Panel Barn Door


Metal Panel Barn Door
Shown in Alder with our Jacobean finish with the Classic Barn Door Hardware in a Bronze finish.
Available in multiple finishes & lengths

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Metal Panel Barn Door


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NOTICE: Soft Close systems do not come with Anti-Jump Brackets.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bi Parting systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Lightduty Bypass systems come with 2 doors and 4 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
NOTICE: Triple Bypass systems come with 3 doors and 6 barn door hardware hangers by default.
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4 Ways to Use Metal Barn Doors in Your Home

Style-centric and fully functional, a sliding metal panel barn door is an easy addition to any kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or playroom. Made from engineered alder and trimmed in high-end engineered alder, these metal barn doors are expertly crafted to last. Our sliding metal panel barn doors weigh an average of 160 pounds, yet they slide effortlessly with the help of our excellent, sliding barn door hardware. Each metal barn door is painted or stained and finished with polyurethane to complete the finished look, and the raw metal can act as a magnet or drawing board.

How to Use a Metal Barn Doors in Your Home

  1. Office Space
  2. Kitchen
  3. Master and Guest Bedroom
  4. Bathroom
Impressively built, metal barn doors slide across a door track smooth as silk, making them convenient for anyone to use. No matter where you install a metal barn door in your home, you’re sure to get plenty of compliments from friends and looks of appreciation from family members who enjoy the updated décor. Whether you’re remodeling, flipping, or simply looking to upgrade a room in your home, you won’t go wrong by installing sliding metal barn doors.

4 Ways to Use Metal Barn Doors in Your Home

Office Space

Sliding metal barn doors bring an industrial, rustic, artistic feel to any space they are installed. A perfect place to add one is to office spaces inside your home. 

As we are spending more and more time working from home, it’s important to have a space you enjoy being in, one that inspires productivity and creativity. There’s nothing worse than locking yourself in an office that you dread being in. 

Your home office should look stylish, updated, and interesting. If you enjoy being in the space, you’re sure to get more done and be happier while you do it. A metal barn door made of corrugated metal and raw steel is sure to inspire happiness when you see it. If you aren’t a fan of walking into your office to begin the workday, consider installing your metal door as the exterior door of your office. This way, the first thing you see will bring a smile to your face and help start your day on a positive note.

If you need more creativity inside the office, mount the door and roller so it covers rows of books or empty shelves. By using sliding steel barn doors to cover clutter or even organize books, you’ll reduce the number of distractions in your office, and give the room an updated, stylish, and inspiring look. 


The kitchen is an ideal room for installing metal sliding barn doors. In fact, reclaimed metal barn doors might go better in the kitchen than any other room in the house. Kitchens are perfect for adding a rustic look or industrial feel to the décor theme you have throughout the rest of your home. 

Mounting your sliding steel barn doors is made simple when you get a door kit. Depending on your door type, you can mount it over a double door or single-width door frame. As long as you have enough room on the side of the door opening for metal barn doors to slide, these can be mounted to fit in the space. 

There are numerous mounting types, so if you have a tight area above the door frame, you might need a ceiling mount door. 

Steel barn doors look amazing when installed in a doorway or transition space from the living room to the kitchen, or from the kitchen to a formal dining room. They also look fantastic when installed over floor-to-ceiling open cupboards, or in place of a swing door for a pantry. 

There are practically unlimited places for metal sliding barn doors to be installed. Take a look around your kitchen, get creative, and choose the best space to add a piece of updated door panel.

Master and Guest Bedroom

Master and guest bedrooms should be beautifully appointed to provide an atmosphere of relaxation, enjoyment, and comfort. A touch of the unusual, interesting, and quirky is also highly beneficial when creating a unique environment.

Steel barn doors make for a one-of-a-kind accent piece to any master or guest bedroom. Mount an interior barn door with raw steel hardware for a rustic look, or stainless steel for a more modern/industrial feel. Reclaimed metal barn doors look stunning when used in place of a closet door or to cover floor-to-ceiling shelves. Exterior metal sliding barn doors look fantastic when placed over full glass sliding doors that lead out to a balcony. Metal barn doors also look tremendous when mounted at the main entrance to a bedroom. 


The bathroom tends to be the one room in the house that receives whatever is leftover when it comes to the renovation budget. They should be a priority, however, since these areas of the house see a lot of foot traffic from those who live there and guests alike. If your goal is to make the entire house look great and feel inviting, then you can’t overlook the bathrooms. And what better way to give it an instant upgrade than installing a sliding metal barn door?

Sliding metal barn doors can easily be added to the exterior of any bathroom. They’ll add a splash of interesting décor while maintaining complete privacy for those inside the room. By using the right mounting hardware, door pulls, and a latch, the door will completely cover the entryway and then some on both sides of the door opening. A sliding door system will upgrade any bathroom in the house. 

Add Value to Your Home

When it comes to the types of renovations and upgrades you can give your home, a sliding metal barn door is one of the easiest and best. Sliding barn doors are incredibly popular, and also boost the value and appeal of your home. Whether you’re planning to stay in your house forever or you’re looking to list it in the next few years, adding a barn door is an excellent investment.

A decorative barn door can be added to nearly any room in your home for an immediate upgrade in the décor department. They are functional, stylish, and help add a dose of creativity and organization to your lifestyle. Don’t settle for regular doors when you can upgrade your home with sliding metal barn doors and add value to your home.
This Door is 1 ½” thick, and compatible with any of our barn door hardware, giving you endless design options. 

Remember that the hardware is not included unless it's added order.

This door comes standard with a 9" bottom rail.
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