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How To Match Your Door Style To Your Home

Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
When people want to give their house a refresh, they often think of  painting the walls or buying new furniture. But if you want to take your  house from ho-hum to something to wow your friends and family, consider  upgrading your doors.
Whether you replace kitchen cabinet  doors, garage doors, or interior doors, you’ll give your home a unique  and inviting look that you’re sure to love. Keep reading to learn more  about how to choose door styles of all types for your home.

How To Choose Interior Door Styles

Exterior doors usually get all of the  attention when it comes to upgrading your doors, but interior doors are  something you’ll get to enjoy even more often, since you’ll see it the  whole time you’re inside your house, and not just as you occasionally  pass through the front door.
Choose interior door styles based on your personal taste and the existing style of your home.  For example, if you live in a Craftsman-style house, you’ll want to  choose a Craftsman-style interior door to match the look and feel of  your space.
The color of your interior doors is  also an important consideration. If you don’t find a door color you  love, you can paint it yourself or have it professionally painted.  Consider adding a pop of color with your door, or stick with popular  neutrals like gray, cream, and white.

What Are the Different Door Styles?

There are countless doors to choose  from when you’re shopping for cabinet door styles or interior door  styles. Here are some of the most common options:


Traditional door on blue home
Traditional doors often have 2-12 raised panels and may include glass inserts or colored  panes. These doors come in wood, metal, and fiberglass, and can be used  for both exterior and interior purposes.


Craftsman Style Sliding Door
Craftsman doors are all the rage right now. The doors feature vertically or  horizontally aligned panels that are inspired by Shaker design  sentiments. Craftsman doors can also include glass paneling at the top  or in the middle of the door.


Princeton doors are a classy option  that features an arched curve reminiscent of a cathedral arch. It is a  statement that works well for a high-end, formal home design.


Provincial doors are another stylish  option that will give a custom look to any home. Most Provincial doors  have two vertical, rectangular panels on the front, with the top panel  being arched.


Cambridge style door
Looking for a simple door that won’t  stand out too much in a room? Cambridge doors may be your best bet.  These basic doors have two raised panels, with the top one being larger  than the bottom. It’s a subtle style that won’t draw attention and can  fit into a minimalist home.


Avalon style doors
Avalon doors are another simple style  that features three rectangular panels. The top and bottom panels are  usually larger than the middle panel. These doors are a popular choice  for pantries and closets.


Arched doors can actually come in a  variety of styles, including rustic, Craftsman, and more. These doors  all feature a curved design, and the arch can vary in size and material.  A larger arch will produce a more dramatic and formal look for the  space.


Modern Sliding Glass Barn Door
Modern doors possess straight and sleek lines that go well with Mid-century or  minimalist designs. These doors can be large or small and will often  have hardware with clean lines.


French doors are a classic choice for a home office or the doors leading out to a  patio or sunroom. These are double doors that feature about a dozen  small glass panels over the whole door. French doors are a great option  if you want to let a lot of light into the space or create a French  country look.


Rustic style sliding barn door
If you’re drawn to rustic wood and other natural materials, a rustic door may be right for you. These doors may be arched or rectangular, with  raised panels, scored lines, or clear glass. Many rustic doors have  oversized hardware and a thick, bulky presence.


Blue colonial style door
Colonial doors are a beautiful choice  if you want to make a statement. These doors are often used for  exterior doors, but can also be used for an interior purpose. Colonial  doors have multiple glass panels and may include ornate woodworking.

What Are the Different Garage Door Styles?

Seeking a new garage door? There are  many garage door styles to upgrade the curb appeal of your home. Here  are some of the most popular:


traditional style garage door
Traditional garage doors are the most  common style seen on tract homes today. These doors usually have  raised, symmetrical, horizontal panels that roll upwards. They come in  many colors and can be made out of several different materials.


Contemporary Style Garage Door
Contemporary garage doors are perfect  for those who love a sleek and minimalist design. They feature sharp,  clean lines and often have tempered glass panels. Contemporary garage  doors may be made of aluminum or other metal.

Carriage House

Carriage house style garage door
Carriage house-style garage doors are  a distinctive look reminiscent of the old days when people rode a horse  and buggy to get around. These doors used to swing open from the  center, but modern carriage doors usually roll upward. They offer a  rustic and charming look for any style of home.


Craftsman style garage doorCraftsman  garage doors have many similarities to carriage house style doors.  These are popular for Craftsman homes and bungalows. They may include  handles, faux hinges, and cross beams. Craftsman garage doors are  eye-catching and great for adding visual interest.

Can I Mix Door Styles?

Yes, it is possible to mix door  styles throughout your home. In fact, mixing door styles is a great way  to make your home interesting and unique to your style. However, it’s  important to choose door styles that mix well together and are not an  obvious clash in design styles. For example, a home with a Craftsman  garage door could seamlessly incorporate French doors inside the home.  But a home with lots of rustic influence would not look good with  extremely modern cabinet door styles or garage doors.

Check Out Doors Today

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