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How to Arrange Furniture in a Practical, Comfortable Way

Tuesday October 22nd, 2019
Every living room should be a  comfortable, functional space where you can relax. But does having a  comfortable space mean you have to sacrifice on style? Certainly not!
With careful planning and research,  you can turn any room into a space that checks all the boxes for  functionality, while still being inviting and stylish. Check out our  tips below for how to make your living room cozy and functional, while  maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look.

1. Give Everything a Place

One of the best ways to keep a living  room comfortable, functional, and stylish is by giving everything a  dedicated space. Even items like remote controls or drink coasters  should have a home so that everyone in the house knows exactly where  they should go when they’re done with it. This will make the cleaning  process easier and means you’re less likely to lose track of things.
Consider getting functional storage  options like wicker baskets and ottomans with storage space for kid’s  toys and books. This will allow children to play in the main living area  without having it look like a playroom.

2. Fill the Room with Light

living room with lots of natural light
One of the first principles of Feng  Shui is to make the space bright and airy. Darkness and stale air can  really destroy the comfortable vibe of a room, even if you can’t exactly  pinpoint the problem. Ensure your room stays bright and airy by keeping  curtains open during the day and opening windows and sliding doors  whenever possible. If you’re renovating the room, consider adding more  windows or skylights to enhance the lighting of the space.

3. Choose a Balanced Furniture Layout

Living Room Layout
Furniture layout is the foundation of  a functional and comfortable living room. Choose stylish pieces that  fit your design aesthetic, but make sure they balance each other out so  everyone can enjoy spending time in the room. For example, a large couch  should be balanced by a more streamlined couch, and seating should form  a circle or rectangular shape to encourage interaction.

4. Avoid Sha Chi

Living room with blue couch and round coffee table
Sha Chi is a Feng Shui basic  principle having to do with the attacking energy created by sharp  corners. Sharp corners on pieces like coffee tables and side tables  should be avoided if they are pointing toward sitting areas. According  to Feng Shui, those sharp corners will give off a bad energy that will  hurt the comfortable vibe of the space. Instead, opt for round coffee  tables or ottomans in the center of the room.

5. Layer Rugs

Layered rugs are an excellent way to  add comfort and coziness to any living room. This is also a great way to  fill floor space on a budget, since multiple layered rugs are often  cheaper than one extra-large rug. Wondering how to pull off the look?  Consider purchasing an inexpensive, solid-colored woven rug as the base,  then add a cozy, patterned shag rug to the center of the larger rug.  You can also try layering a trendy cowhide over a solid colored rug, or  layer striped rugs with other patterns for a bold and eclectic look.

6. Create Flow

Living Room with fireplace
Any room with great Feng Shui will  utilize the principle of chi flow. This means the furniture is in a  desirable arrangement that allows all family members to comfortably move  around the space. Couches should be about 12 inches from a coffee  table, and seating should be grouped together so guests can sit and  converse easily.
Consider other ways to optimize the  space according to how you use the room. Do you usually sit and watch tv  on the couch? Make sure to hang the tv somewhere you can easily see it.  Do you like having guests over for games? Keep a clear surface so you  always have a spot to set up a board game.

7. Add Texture

modern living room with a variety of pillows and throw blankets
Texture is an important element for  making a room feel cozy and inviting. There are many ways to add  texture, depending on the look you’re going for. If you like glam decor,  add texture in the form of velvet pillows and luxurious gemstone  decorations. If bohemian is more your style, choose feather pillows,  shag rugs, and woven wall hangings to add texture to the space. Throw  blankets and natural wood elements are another great way to add texture  to any living area.

8. Choose Multi-Layered Lighting

living room with chandelier
We’ve already discussed the power of  having a bright and airy space, but what happens when the sun goes down?  Keep the Feng Shui by choosing multi-layered lighting that can be  adapted for any occasion. The best lighting plans include overhead  lighting, floor lamps, task lamps, and side table lamps. Make sure the  lighting can be dimmed to create the ambiance for a romantic or  laid-back dinner party or brightened for a big family bash.

9. Paint Walls

Painting walls can completely change  the mood of a space. If you’re looking for something peaceful and  comfortable, think about painting in harmonious light blues and grays.  If you want a cozy and dramatic look, consider dark navy, black, or  forest green. A light and playful pink or yellow could also be a nice  touch if you want a happy and bright space.

10. Offer Plenty of Seating

Ultimately, your living room should  be a place for friends and family to gather—and you’ll have a much  easier time making memories if everyone has a place to sit. Wondering  how to arrange furniture to seat a crowd? Group furniture in an  arrangement that maximizes the seating, like facing two couches across  from each other and add one or two chairs on the ends. You could also  add abundant seating with a large sectional opposite of an overstuffed  chair.

Check Out Artisan Hardware

By following these 10 tips, you’re  sure to have a living room your whole family will enjoy for relaxation  and gathering. If you’re looking for more ways to create a comfortable,  functional space, check out Artisan Hardware.
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