Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware

Wednesday March 4th, 2020

Horseshoes have been considered good luck for a long time. So long in fact, people using horseshoes for good luck dates all the way back to 959 A.D. Even though horseshoes are commonly associated with the old west, lucky horseshoes are a big part of Irish folklore. Hanging a horseshoe above your door is supposed to help protect you from evil spirits. This tale stems from a story about a man named Dustan, who was a blacksmith. In the story, the devil visits him and asked Dustan to make a horseshoe for him (in this story, the devil has hooves). Dustan makes the horseshoe and nails it to the devil’s hoof while it’s still hot. The devil is in so much pain that he begs Dustan to remove it. Dustan makes a deal to remove the horseshoe in exchange for the devil agreeing that he will never enter a home that has a horseshoe hanging above the door.
There are a few other details that make a horseshoe lucky. In the middle ages, people believed that witches were afraid of horses, so a horseshoe above your door would keep a witch from coming into your home. Many horseshoes also have seven nail holes and the number seven has always been treated as a lucky number.

These days, people aren’t as worried about evil spirits or witches getting into their home, but horseshoes are still considered lucky. We love the idea and look of horseshoes above a door so much, that we created the Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware and the Vintage Horseshoe Barn Door Hardware.

These hardware options feature a U-shape that surrounds each wheel on the track. Two horseshoes are placed right over your barn door. The horseshoe style hardware adds a rustic look to your barn door and is perfect for a chic farmhouse.

While our horseshoe hardware is not a traditional iron made horseshoe, we believe this stylish piece will still bring good luck to your home. Especially when considering how perfectly it will go with your barn door. Our hardware is made in the USA and can be customized to fit your needs. If you need any help picking out your hardware, give our service team a call.

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