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Customer Favorites, Barn Door Hardware Edition!

Wednesday September 23rd, 2020
A beautiful set of Barn door hardware is the cherry on top of a beautiful barn door in a stunning home. With over 25 different barn door hardware options, we wanted to spotlight some of our customer favorite barn door hardware styles!

Classic Barn Door Hardware

Yes, the classics are always a fan favorite! Our Classic Barn Door Hardware is by far one of the most popular styles we have. This hardware style is very simple and looks great with any barn door. We offer 10 different finish options, but the most popular one for this specific barn door hardware is our black finish. The black finish creates the perfect amount of contrast between the door and the hardware that allows the hardware to compliment the door but also stand out on its own.

Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware

Again with the classics! Our Classic Top Mount Barn Door Hardware is the second most popular hardware amongst our customers. This hardware connects to the top of the door rather than the front like most barn door hardwares, and it’s a great option if you’re wanting to put more attention on your barn door and less attention on your hardware. This hardware is most commonly ordered in our black finish with our stainless finish being a close second.

Pinnacle Brass Barn Door Hardware

Next, we have our Pinnacle Brass Barn Door Hardware. This hardware is a true show stopper with its stunning brass finish and timeless design. This hardware is very popular amongst our customers, especially paired with a neutral colored barn door like white or gray. We’ve seen this hardware used in a lot of different locations, but it’s most commonly found in kitchens and bedrooms!

Vintage Strap Barn Door Hardware 

Lastly, we have our Vintage Strap Barn Door Hardware! The Vintage Strap is not quite as popular as the classics or the Pinnacle Brass, but falling in fourth place still counts! This hardware is popular amongst our detail loving customers that want to put a little more emphasis on their hardware. With still a very simple design the Vintage Strap Barn Door Hardware features a spoked wheel drawing more attention there than anywhere else. This hardware is most commonly ordered in a black finish and paired with a vintage or rustic styled barn door!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our customer favorite barn door hardware styles! We are continually amazed by our customers and we cherish their creativity! Please share all of your barn door and barn door hardware photos on Instagram or Facebook and tag us @artisanhardware !

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