What is My Interior Design Style? 12 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

What is My Interior Design Style? 12 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

Traditional, Mid-century modern, industrial, bohemian, and farmhouse are all popular interior design styles. But, with so many differing styles to choose from, decorating a home can be an exciting but overwhelming endeavor.

Whether you’re remodeling or moving into a brand new home, there are many elements to think about and it can be hard to know where to begin. And though sources like Pinterest, Instagram, and others will certainly give you style inspiration, the sheer amount of content out there can still leave you wondering, “What is my interior design style?”

For those who feel a little lost when looking at different styles, it can be helpful to learn about some of the most popular looks out there. For starters, take a look at these five most popular interior design styles.

1. Traditional

Traditional interior design styles typically stem from European homes and feature qualities such as dark wood, rich color, ornate details, and symmetrical design. Traditional homes are timeless and attractive to many decorators, who will often use vintage decor and classical artwork. One of the most distinguishing features of traditional design is symmetry—things typically come in pairs, whether it’s sofas, lamps, or anything else. Most rooms decorated in traditional style are warm and inviting, and traditional decor includes many classic accessories and ornate furnishings.

2. Mid-Century Modern

Though based on the interior design style of the ’50s and ’60s, mid-century design has had a major comeback in the past decade. Mid-century furnishings have a retro look rooted in functionality and simple forms, like this 3-panel barn door. George Nelson, Charles and Ray Eames, and Florence Knoll are some of the famous designers of the period. Their chairs, bookshelves, couches, and more are now considered works of art.

Mid Century Modern Room

Photo Credit: Ron Frazier (https://www.flickr.com/photos/tomronworldwide/24007636150)

3. Industrial

Industrial design is generally qualified as a more “masculine” style inspired by rustic settings like a warehouse or urban loft. Some of the iconic industrial looks include exposed brick walls, concrete floors, task lamps, and exposed beams. Most industrial interior design styles have a neutral color palette and feature reclaimed wood elements. Leather, copper, and metal are other common materials used in industrial interior design

Photo Credit: designmilk (https://www.flickr.com/photos/designmilk/27200771992)

4. Bohemian

Bohemian design takes inspiration from the 1970s and hippie culture for an eclectic, layered, textured look. The style also borrows from global inspiration and often features Moroccan patterns, Indian textiles, Persian rugs, and more. Compared to different interior design styles, bohemian designs include a variety of bright colors and plants to add warmth to the room. Many decorators who choose bohemian interior design styles will source vintage hardware and other accessories from Etsy, eBay, or thrift stores.

Bohemian Attick

Photo Credit: Wicker Paradise: http://blog.wickerparadise.com/post/63686754982/bohemian-attic-retreat

5. Farmhouse

HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper” has created a farmhouse design craze in recent years, though the farmhouse look has always been a popular interior design style. Farmhouse interior design styles take inspiration from farm and barn architecture to create a functional but inviting space. Some of the common features of a farmhouse-inspired home include hardwood floors, shiplap walls, open kitchen sinks, and benches for kitchen table seating.

6. Scandinavian

Scandinavian style is one most Americans are familiar with thanks to the popularity of IKEA—a Swedish furniture store that has brought the simplicity and minimalism of Scandinavian style to homes all over the country. Scandinavian design is pared down, functional, modern, and often features a neutral color palette with bright pops of color.

7. French Country

French country style is inspired by the homes of Provence, France, where ruffled curtains, distressed wood, and mixed patterns come together to create a warm and cozy environment. The perfect French country room achieves just the right balance between rustic and elegant. Get the look by using natural materials like wood and stone for backsplashes, accent walls, floors, and furniture.

8. Rustic

Rustic style incorporates natural elements like wood, rattan, antlers, and an earthy color scheme. Many cabins are decorated in this style, but rustic design can be incorporated in the everyday home, too. Rustic design pairs well with industrial or farmhouse style and embraces the rugged beauty of nature. 

9. Glam

Glam design is a very popular interior design style that is all about creating a high-end, formal aesthetic that is meant to wow. A glam room incorporates luxurious accents like fur, tufted upholstery, and mirrored surfaces. Get this look by mixing textures and fabrics together for an eye-catching look. A modern glam space might include velvet pillows, shag rugs, and gold mirrors and frames.

10. Coastal

Coastal style borrows inspiration from the laid-back look of a California beach house. Design elements include a light color palette of white, cream, and blue. Furniture is unfussy and often made of natural elements like wicker and driftwood. Couches are often white and slipcovered to keep up with the minimal, relaxed vibe. Most coastal homes include skylights and large windows to bring in lots of light and blur the lines between indoors and outdoors.

11. Minimalist

Minimalist design shares similarities with Scandinavian and Mid-century design. Minimalism embraces simplicity and practicality. A minimalist room will never feel busy or overwhelming—instead, the space includes only a few necessary items in a basic color palette. A minimalist kitchen may feature sleek cabinets without hardware, while a minimalist living room could include couches and chairs with clean lines and sparse decor.

12. Shabby Chic

Like French Country, shabby chic design incorporates distressed and vintage furniture to bring together a feminine and lived-in look. Many shabby chic homes mix and match a variety of accessories. Antique collectibles can be hung on the walls to add warmth and interest to the space. Popular shabby chic color schemes include a pastel color palette of baby blue, light pink, cream, and pale yellow. Accents include lace, ribbons, and both floral and striped patterns.

Getting Started

Different interior design styles are meant to be a reflection of the person behind the decor and furnishings. By learning more about some of the most popular interior design styles, you’ll be well on your way to narrowing down the best look for your home. Hopefully, you’re no longer wondering what your interior design style is and that you are now ready to tackle the job!

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