What Does Your Home Say About You? (And What Should It Say About You?)

What Does Your Home Say About You? (And What Should It Say About You?)

Much like the clothes you wear, the way you decorate can say a lot about your personality. Believe it or not, your choice of furniture, color, home layout, and design all reflect and represent who you are as a person.

If you’re wondering what your home says about you, check out these design trends that correlate to your personality. These common outdoor and indoor home design techniques give great insight about our character and identity:

What The Exterior of Your Home Says

For passersby who never get the chance to see the inside your home, the exterior is all they have to go by. Size is one of the first attributes that people will notice. Large homes typically give the impression that the owner is well-off, especially if the landscaping and materials are extravagant.

The color of your home’s exterior can be another indicator of your identity. Bold colors tend to give off an adventurous, outgoing vibe. On the other hand, neutral tones will give off the notion that you are relaxed and casual. Little details like lamps, paths to the front door, and welcome mats make a home look warm and welcoming.

Your landscape can also display personality traits. A symmetrical garden or yard shows that you value order and organization. In contrast, a yard that has curved paths and more organic shapes can illustrate your care for flexibility. Including kid-friendly yard additions such as a swing set, stepping stones, or treehouse infer that you highly value your family.

Another good idea is to pay attention to how open or closed off a home is to the world. If a home has a high fence, hi-tech security system, a dog, and a “No Soliciting” sign, it may be a good idea to assume that the occupants keep to themselves. If you want to give off a notion that you are friendly and open to visitors, think about implementing a lower level fence, colorful flowers, and bright colors.

Just from looking on the outside of your home, people can learn a lot about you. Although the outside of a home can appear beautiful and organized to viewers, the interior can tell a different story. Let’s take a look now at what the interior of your home can say about you:

What The Interior of Your Home Says

Furniture is the first go-to for displaying your personality. Accent pillows and extra seating in rooms gives off a warm, inviting feeling. Extra couches, bar stools, and space give off the notion that you like having company. People will feel comfortable in your home, and you’ll be comfortable having them there as well.

Not everyone likes to entertain guests. If you prefer to have a more private, intimate environment, think about including bookshelves, bookcases, musical instruments, or beautiful artwork to take up space in your home. You could also think about investing in a closed floor plan, which will prevent your home from feeling too big.

Previously we talked about how your home’s exterior exposes your personality. Be mindful that your home’s interior color can give additional insights on who you are as a person. Creative, outgoing people tend to be attracted to jewel tones, like emerald and plum and deep teal. These colors are typically associated with royalty and high class. Easygoing, reserved folks are often drawn to cool colors like blues and greens, and other colors that are reminiscent of the openness, the sea or sky. Warmer hues like orange and yellow indicate an optimistic, gregarious personality. Red tends to raise the energy level of a space, and it can actually increase blood pressure, and heart/breathing rate–something to keep in mind if you’re wanting your home to feel relaxing.

The next time you pick a color palette for your home, remember to pick a color that reflects the environment you want to create.

If you aren’t into bold statement pieces or colors, you like to take the middle ground. The use of soft colors and simple patterns tend to indicate a peacemaking personality. Some might say that neutral is uninteresting and unstylish, but in an office situation, it can play to your advantage by appealing to the widest amount of people.

An easy way to add interest to a neutral decor without being too bold is to use various metallic tones: an accent wall, the sink hardware, cabinet/drawer pulls, metal accessories, etc.

Now that you’re aware of what your home’s exterior and interior is saying about you, what are you going to change? What are you going to keep? We’d love to hear your decorating thoughts and ideas!


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