Top 3 Hidden Places for a Sliding Barn Door

Top 3 Hidden Places for a Sliding Barn Door

The phrase “were you raised in a barn?” takes on a new meaning with the uprising of the sliding barn door. They have become a very popular functional and decorative piece in modern home designs and have even been featured on the popular TV program HGTV.

While most of these sliding barn doors are used for doorway entries, some are used for closing off pantries, covering a TV when not in use, as the focal point of a dining room and as the door to a walk-in closet. From rustic reclaimed wood and chunky hardware to traditional styles with lucky horseshoe hardware, we have so many options to make your barn door and fit your style.

To help you see your vision, we are highlighting our favorite hidden places that are the perfect location for a sliding barn door.

Sliding Barn Door for Master Bathroom

brown panel sliding barn door


Although some houses do have sliding barn doors for their bathroom, not everyone has one for the master bathroom. You already have privacy in this bathroom, but the sliding barn door gives you the privacy you desire for your room.

Sliding Barn Door for Your Office

metal barn style door for office

Whether it’s a small office space or an entire basement, being able to have quiet time to work is important. Sliding barn doors are less abrasive and have a more inviting feel if you need your door closed, but want your family to know it’s ok to stop in. The subtle pull of the rolling barn door hardware makes entering less startling and the soft push to close it will let you go back to work peacefully and easily.

Sliding Barn Door for Your Television 

double Sliding Barn Door tv

When a television is out in the open, we’re more likely to turn it on without noticing. Covering it with a sliding barn door when it’s not on gives you the chance sit in your living area without feeling the need to turn it on. Not only will you be reading more, but also your room will have a style that is unbeatable.

No matter where you put your door, the style that it adds to your décor will last for years to come.