The Top 10 Best Uses For Barn Door Hardware

The Top 10 Best Uses For Barn Door Hardware

With so many options when it comes to color, style, and material, there are almost endless options for using barn doors in houses. Here are 10 beautiful and useful ways to incorporate barn door hardwareinto your home.

1. Add Privacy to an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are popular for a reason, but there are times where you might wish your rooms were a little more defined. When hosting a party, for example, you may desire a little more privacy from one room to the next. Sliding barn doors allow you create more defined spaces in your home without sacrificing the many benefits of an open floor plan.

2. Separate the Kitchen and Dining Room

Interior barn door hardware can bring flexibility to your kitchen and dining room floor plan. You can easily allow people to wander between the kitchen and dining room freely by simply leaving the doors open. However, if you’d like the guests to keep to the dining room (so you don’t have to worry about dishes until afterwards), simply slide the doors closed and enjoy the party.

classic white barn door black barn door hardware

3. Cover the Pantry

Kitchens can feel a little cramped, and swinging doors take up a lot of room in front of a pantry. Sliding pantry doors are a great way to add both function and fashion to your kitchen.

4. Unique Substitution for Curtains

Blur the lines between purpose and style by substituting sliding barn doors for curtains. Sliding barn doors can block out a considerable amount of light while matching any interior design style. Depending on the material and color chosen, you can make the doors blend in with the decor or stand out as a focal point for the room.

5. Connect the Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Interior barn door hardware can add rustic charm to both your master bedroom and bathroom. You can lean into the rustic feel with big, beautiful wooden doors, or you can embrace a more subtle touch with a sliding door that matches the color of your walls. Using a sliding barn door saves room, while a normal door can crowd a room's space if it stays open. Sliding barn doors allow you move from one room to the other in an easy and convenient way. 

6. Hide the Television

Television sets often become the center of attention in any room. While it’s nice to place a TV in a place where anyone can have a good view of the screen, sometimes you might want your family and friends to focus more on each other. Sliding barn doors allow easy access to the screen when you’d like to watch TV while hiding it from view when it’s not in use.

7. Covering Your Closets

Closet doors are another great option for an interior barn door. Sliding barn doors come in so many different designs and materials, it’s easy to fit the style of a room.  Classic barn doors are an easy way to create a rustic feel in a bedroom, while it might be fun to add a chalkboard barn door to a playroom. The options are endless.

8. Divide a Shared Room

If you have children still at home, or grandchildren who stay over, it could be useful to divide one room into two from time to time. Sliding barn doors can divide the room when you need the extra privacy while still allowing you to take advantage of the whole space when desired.

9. Hide Office Space

Do you like to work on various projects in your living space? Simply place a desk in a large, accommodating closet, then cover the area with sliding barn doors. When no one’s around, you can work at the desk, and when it’s time to entertain, the sliding doors can hide the clutter.

10. Connect Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Want a beautiful way to improve your summer parties? Seamlessly join your outside porch or deck with your indoor living space double sliding doors. No matter whether you’re entertaining or simply enjoying a warm evening, you’ll enjoy this change for years to come.


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