The Latest Kitchen Trends in 2018

The Latest Kitchen Trends in 2018

Do you love being up on the latest and greatest home design trends? Is your kitchen the only room in your house that’s still stuck in a 1990s time capsule? As the heart of your home, your kitchen is perhaps the most deserving room for stylish decor and trendy accents. With 2018 in full-swing, this spring is the perfect time to give your kitchen the facelift it needs. From bold color pallets to smart shelving displays, these hot 2018 kitchen trends are not to be missed.

1. So long, formal dining table. Hello, banquette seating.

If you’re like many homeowners, your formal dining table is a commodity rarely used by your household. Say goodbye to this space-hogger and, in its place, build a banquette “booth.” Banquette seating is a type of kitchen table that features a fixed bench on at least one side of the table. Commonly seen in cafes and restaurants, banquette seating is perfect for both intimate breakfasts and large dinner parties alike.

Pro design tip: Accessorize your bench with one or two simple, sophisticated pillows in the corners. Coordinate these pillows with modern, stylish chairs for the remaining sides.

2. Bring in the bold color

Throwback your kitchen color scheme to the 60’s and 70’s by bringing in bright, bold palettes. Instead of drowning every aspect of your kitchen in these colors, strategically place pops of bright colors throughout the space. Whether you’re going for a sleek, Scandinavian design or love the full maximalism look, incorporating bright, light colors will make your kitchen a welcoming, inviting space that’s perfect for entertaining.

Pro design tip: The color palette you choose for your kitchen should reflect both your personality and your needs. Don’t be afraid to take a risk.

3. Back to black

If you have the opportunity to incorporate black features, like faucets and ceiling lights, do it. Adding black accents will give your kitchen a classic, timeless while also aiding in versatility when it comes to design. In addition to working well with virtually every color, black is the perfect foundation for kitchens sprinkled with pops of bright color.

Pro design tip: If you’re going to commit to something like a black faucet or black hardware, be sure to include other elements of the same black shade, too. Just as you make an effort to follow the same color scheme throughout each space of your home, be sure to include at least a few obvious black features throughout your kitchen.

4. Neutrals and naturals unite

Though gold has been a kitchen color trend for years, only recently have pro home designers started pairing this metallic color with brown hues and organic materials to make the entire space glow. Not only do neutral, natural colors aid in creating a warm, welcoming environment, but they also do wonders in terms of style and design. Often known as the “boho” look, implementing natural colors into your kitchen helps to bring a sense of timelessness to your home.

Pro design tip: When opting for a golden pallet with natural hues, add pops of color through textural elements like pillows, towels, plates, etc.

5. Lose your marbles over marble

Kitchens in 2018 are being made-over in marble, and a lot of it. Instead of just sticking to countertops and sinks, consider featuring an entire wall or backsplash of your kitchen in marble. Simply put, the more marble you can fit in your kitchen, the better. As an added benefit, marble isn’t just durable, but it also easily camouflages the crumbs, flakes, and fragments of food that inevitably inhabit your kitchen.

Pro design tip: One of the most admirable aspects of marble is the visual, textural element it provides. Even though incorporating lots of marble into your kitchen is trendy in 2018, remember to be strategic about where you place it and where you want to direct your guests’ focus.

Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

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