The Best Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

The Best Color Schemes for Your Kitchen

The kitchen has become the social center of gatherings in the home. Today’s homeowners are embracing more open floor plans in kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms, and are focusing on creating more inviting environments.

Another thing that contributes to a room’s environment is the color scheme. Currently, interior designers are implementing cooler hues as kitchen paint colors. Subtle grays and light blues are just a couple of the trending colors that provide the perfect backdrop to eye-popping accent colors, which are now being seen in the form of accent walls, area-defining benches, or vibrant backsplashes, just to name a few. Even if you are not an artist, you can have so much fun with color in the kitchen.

Elegant Gray

This phrase may be cliché, but when it comes to kitchen paint colors, gray is the new black. Some people may see gray as a dull, depressing color. However, this hue is highly versatile and can enhance the color accents in your kitchen.  Virtually every accent color will go with any shade of gray, from a barely-there powder gray to a medium dolphin gray to a deep gun-metal. These gray shades go beautifully with a fallow tan accent wall, enhancing the tones of the repurposed wood of the panels. Stainless steel appliances can be used with eggplant and avocado accents to create a calm environment where you can unwind at the end of the day or socialize with friends.

Soothing Blue

Cool blues and breezy spaces turn your kitchen into a seaside vacation each time you enter. For that light airy feel, go with a Tiffany blue for your main color. Add to the color scheme with bright white cupboards and glass doors. The glass doors will help the dishware pop and stand out. You could also try using a tidewater blue or soft Caribbean turquoise for a deeper color, or go all the way with wide-open-ocean blue. Using an industrial metal accent wall can add shine and reflect the blue colors of the room. Complete your easy-going tropical paradise with a rustic handcrafted wood table with bench seats, palm frond ceiling fan, and colorful festive glassware and dishes.

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Luscious Green

Lush green color schemes are like a breath of fresh air when you step into your kitchen. Keep it cool with a frosty mint green, step it up a notch with a seafoam sage color, or go bold with bamboo leaf green. A cozy breakfast nook with a built-in bench will be a perfect spot to share a cup of coffee and add some color with fabric or pillows. Hanging plants will accent your greens and make your kitchen come to life.


Crisp White

White is not new, but new shades are available all the time and can give you that clean freshness of a spring morning. With white as your main kitchen paint color, your accent color choices are endless. Consider metal accents for handles and fixtures, or add a magnetic knife bar.

Which color scheme is your favorite? Remember that regardless of what’s trending, you should choose a scheme that will make you happy. Test out combinations and do your own research to find what will work for your kitchen. What’s important is not only how your kitchen looks, but also how your kitchen feels.


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