Space Saving with Sliding Barn Doors

Space Saving with Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors have become one of the most popular additions to homes in the past few years and the trend isn’t about to end. The classic style is leaving the farm and coming into modern spaces. They give you the ability to transform any floor plan into a wide-open area that will change the way you see the room.

Removing your traditional doors to add more space to your area seems ideal. It removes visual and physical clutter that you thought would always be there. This style goes past just living rooms and bedrooms, but can also be implemented in your laundry rooms, bathrooms or even pantries.

With sliding barn doors, rooms become less isolated and give you more access to your home while still giving you privacy. Unlike old-fashioned pocket doors, sliding barn doors are installed outside the wall. This eliminates problems that could possibly come from in-the-wall door mechanisms. But, most importantly, sliding doors don’t require the extra space an average door needs when swinging open, which means you can place furniture right in front of the door.

When installing a sliding barn door on an existing opening, you’ll need hardware on one side of the opening. If you have a standard interior door opening of 30 inches, you’ll need a 30-inch wide wall on either side or 15 inches or wall space on each side. While you’re measuring, you should also add extra inches for the track you’ve selected for you barn door hardware.

Sliding barn doors go beyond the rustic, cottage-style you see with outside barns. Manufacturers have been creating contemporary doors with textured glass, metal, lacquered and painted finishes. Most manufacturers will also give you customized options that are to your desire. They can range anywhere from a country Montana look to a modern Brooklyn style.

Whether you’re looking for a new or reclaimed, rustic or modern, there are sliding barn doors and barn door hardware that will suit your farm-to-table style and budget. Give yourself some space and take down that old-fashioned door and replace it with a sliding barn door. Make your home more functional and fashionable, exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.