Sliding Barn Doors for Your Kid's Room

Sliding Barn Doors for Your Kid's Room

We’ve always praised how well sliding barn doors fit into you home. Whether it’s as a room divider or a pantry closet door, sliding barn doors are so versatile that you can have them wherever you desire. Up until now, we’ve only briefly talked about sliding barn doors in certain rooms so let’s get into why sliding barn doors are perfect for kids rooms.

When it comes to doors in any room of your house, you run the risk fingers being smashed or pinched in doors, holes in walls when they swing open and having doors slam in your face. Fortunately, all of these issues go away once you add a sliding barn door to your kid’s room. Sliding barn doors don’t touch the wall completely, leaving room for unsmashed fingers and clean walls with no dings. Best of all, your child can no longer slam a door and risk having pictures fly off the wall. Our sliding bar doors are meant to keep your family safe.

Often times, kids rooms are the best room in the house to decorate, especially when they’re at the age where they can help decide what they want. Bright colors, fun designs, silly characters, your child’s room is open for everything possible. Thanks to Artisan Hardware, the fun doesn’t stop on the walls. With our customization process, you can choose the color, the style, and the hardware. Your imagination is the only limitation to how your child’s room turns out.


Sliding barn doors aren’t just for your child’s bedroom; it can also be great for a playroom. Finding the right size for a playhouse is simple. Your kids will love having a playroom and you’ll love having a safe door that they can open and close every day. The best part about sliding barn doors in your playhouse is that sliding barn doors are sturdy, so your child’s playhouse can last for when they have children.

Sliding barn doors are functional and easy to use. They’re perfect for a new addition in your home and your family and friends will love them. Treating your child to a new sliding barn door and room upgrade will make them the happiest you’ve ever seen them. So get ready and start decorating today.

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