Sliding Barn Doors: 10 Ways to Use Your Old Door

Sliding Barn Doors: 10 Ways to Use Your Old Door

Often times redecorating your house means getting rid of old things to make room for new things. However, old things can turn into new things with a little DIY! Even bigger things like changing your door to a sliding barn door can give you the perfect opportunity to repurpose your old door and make it into something new! Check out our favorite conversions for your door when you upgrade to a sliding barn door.

Top 10 Repurposed Doors

  1. 1. Chalkboard door

    This is an easy DIY project. Just use chalkboard paint on your old door. You can make a menu, grocery list or even just notes for the family on an awesome chalkboard door!old door chalkboard

  2. 2. Shelf door

    Turn that door into a shelf for your vases, flowers, pictures, really everything! 

  3. 3. Entry bench door

    Keep your entryways organized with this stunning entry bench. It’s welcoming and cozy, perfect for your home. By simply adding a few shelves or some coat hooks, you have made an eclectic and cute entry way organizer.

    Entry bench door

  4. 4. Headboard door

    Headboards don’t come cheap but repurposing your old door will give you a great new bed design. This will give your room a unique look and can even double as a headboard shelf! Check out this tutorial so you can achieve this look!

  5. 5. Coffee table door

    Not only will this coffee table be unique, but it’s also a sturdy alternative to normal coffee tables.

    Table door

  6. 6. Picture frame door

    Nothing brings a home together than family photos. This amazing door frame will give you a design that is unmatchable, just like your family.

    Frame door

  7. 7. Room divider door

    If you want a room divider and you don’t have a place for a sliding barn door, painting your old doors and hinging two or three together can give you a great divider.

    room divider door

  8. 8. Mirror door

    Everyone needs an extra mirror in their house so why not design one into an old door. It’ll give your door a unique look that is unmatched by other mirror designs.

    mirror door

  9. 9. Bathroom shelf door

    Bathrooms can always use an updated look so try repurposing your door and making a bathroom shelf!

    Bathroom shelf door

  10. 10. Bookshelf door

    Books are timeless and so is this bookshelf made from an old door. Paint it and design it to your liking and let others admire it.

    bookshelf door

Repurposing your door in trade of a sliding barn door is a great way to update your décor. At Artisan Hardware, you can design your sliding barn door to your liking and match it with the perfect barn door hardware. For more tips and tricks to do around your house, follow our blog!