Slide Into the New Year with a Barn Door

Slide Into the New Year with a Barn Door


Slide into the New Year with a brand new barn door. We have recently released a new design in order to update your home! The door is showcased above and can be purchased on our website soon. In addition to this new design, we still have a large selection to choose from. It’s the perfect resolution for your home that you might not have thought about. Finding the right sliding barn door and barn door hardware for your home can give you a fresh new look for your home that you’ve been looking for. With so many options at Artisan Hardware, you’re sure to find the right décor for your home.

One of the best things about adding a sliding barn door to is that the opening and closing of the door is a simple push/pull system that gives a more welcoming vibe while allowing you to have more space in your room. Traditional doors don’t give you the option to decorate in certain areas of your room because of the space needed to open and close the doors, but with sliding barn doors, you have no limitations. Rather, you have a multitude of potential!

Sliding barn doors also give you the ultimate privacy. A popular place to put a sliding barn door is in a living area that is connected to another room such as a dining room or kitchen. Adding a sliding barn door as a divider gives you the separation you wanted, but never thought you’d have. With the new divider in your home, you’ll feel as if you have more room because it will finally feel like two separate rooms.

Now that you have an idea of how great sliding barn doors are, start your new year with updated décor and maybe consider our newest design for your home! Sliding barn doors are definitely the best accessory for 2017, so find your perfect style and order your door today.