Rustic DIY Ideas for Decorating a Living Room

Rustic DIY Ideas for Decorating a Living Room

Figuring out how to decorate your small living room doesn’t have to be a big job. Planning and creativity, combined with a little bit of elbow grease, can yield fantastic results, especially if you are willing to do some of the work yourself. Check out these rustic DIY decor ideas and tips for decorating small and cozy living room spaces.

Rustic DIY Decor Ideas

Incorporating a rustic theme into your design and decor is perfect for people who love creating, crafting, and repurposing. Check out these rustic DIY decor ideas for inspiration, then get to work!

  • Wood Crate Bookshelves - Create a rustic and functional furniture item out of wood crates by strategically stacking and connecting them. Start with a vertical crate and a horizontal crate on the bottom row, then switch for the next layer, and so on.

(see the Library Sliding Ladder)

  • Baskets - Wicker or wire baskets are great for storage. You can even create a variation by wrapping and gluing rope to the outside of a box or bucket and using it to hold loose items.
  • Shutters & Doors - Hanging shutters as a wall decoration adds a rustic and cozy element to the living room without taking up a lot of space. You can also add sliding barn doors from Artisan Hardware that you hang yourself. There are beautiful options made from reclaimed or weathered wood or arranged in creative patterns. 

(see the Midcentury Panel Barn Door)

How to Decorate Your Small Living Room

Deciding how to decorate your small living room space begins with a smart design plan. Start by measuring the space and mapping out where you would like to put furniture and other items. Always measure furniture before buying, to ensure proper fit within the space. Also, try the DIY tips below to add rustic elements and maximize your small living room yourself.

  • Sliding Barn Doors - Sliding barn doors are a great way to maximize space because they are flush with the wall and do not need room to swing open. A 5-Panel Glass Barn Door from Artisan Hardware is a great choice because the wood frame keeps in tone with the rustic theme and the frosted glass will allow light to enter and brighten the room.

barn door living room idea with darker wood

(See the Artisan 2 Panel Barn Door)

  • Add a Mirror - Hanging a mirror in a small room is a great way to make the room feel bigger. The light coming in through the windows will reflect in the mirror and back out into the room, creating an illusion of more space. For a rustic element, make a frame out of reclaimed or knotty wood and add it to the mirror. 
  • Use Neutral Colors - Choose a light and neutral color pallet and keep it simple. Too much color, dark colors, and bold patterns can overwhelm a small space, making it feel cluttered and closed off.

big living room with couch and nice decor

(see the Reclaimed Panel Barn Door)

  • Get Creative With Storage - Hide drawers and compartments in tables, ottomans, and other furniture for added storage that doesn’t invade the space.

hidden storage

(see the Weathered Panel Barn Door)

Cozy Living Room Decor Ideas

Another important element in a small space is ensuring it still feels like home. These cozy living room decor ideas will help you bring that warmth and comfort into your design. For a touch of DIY, refurbish old fixtures from thrift stores with a coat of paint or wood stain.

  • Furniture - Get the room ready for relaxing with plenty of soft and comfortable seating options. Add plush accent pillows, wood tables and shelves, and leather armchairs for a rustic look.

cozy living room furniture example

  • Wall Art - The items you hang on your wall should make you feel happy, calm, and welcome, and in a small space, they need to be relatively flat. Family portraits in an outdoor setting, professional photos of animals or nature scenes, or serene paintings are good choices. You can also use sliding barn doors like this X Barn Door from Artisan Hardware to cover the TV or for decoration.

wall art with green barn door

(see the Herringbone Barn Door

  • Floors - Hardwood, or a tile or laminate that looks like wood, are beautiful in any room, especially when trying to create a rustic feeling. Warm it up with a soft rug in the main sitting area.
  • Lighting - Lighting is a key component in any design as it can affect the way the entire room looks and feels. When possible, let in lots of natural light, or choose light bulbs that most closely resemble natural light. Get creative with unique lamps or an eye-catching chandelier. 

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