Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustic Decorating Ideas

Rustic themed rooms and houses are becoming more and more popular in this day in age, and it’s with good reason. The look is aesthetically pleasing and can offer a sense of simplicity and warmth to any home. Artisan Hardware enjoys how rustic elements combine vintage style with natural features. Below we have listed some of our favorite rustic decorating ideas that can really add some personality to your home.

Weathered Materials

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One of the most important things to remember about rustic design is that “new” is not a look you are trying to achieve. Aged and weathered materials integrated into walls, furniture, or other decorations make for a perfect rustic feel. Whether you are working with wood that is old and faded or paint that is distressed and chipping, you can expect some added personality to help perfect your rustic theme.

Wooden Beams

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Other rustic decorating ideas include lining your ceiling, doorway, or fireplace with wooden beams. This can help tremendously in reaching your rustic goals. Rough or unfinished wood is a great way to add a natural look to a room, and lining your ceiling or walls turns this rustic decoration into architectural eye candy.

Organic Objects

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Bedside tables, benches, lamps, and other objects have an opportunity to become rustic treasures with a little design help. We really enjoy when these pieces have an organic structure and a natural feel. Freeform wood pieced together with an asymmetric surface make decorations like this bedside table a very natural addition to a rustic bedroom.

Barn Doors

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When coming up with our favorite rustic decorating ideas it was pretty obvious that rustic sliding barn doors were at the top of our list. Utilizing some of the same wooden elements as mentioned above, our Aspen Barn Door was made to complete any rustic look. Manufactured with hand-picked reclaimed lumber, this is one of our many doors that aim to add personal expression to your rustic home. If you are interested in putting the finishing touch on your home with a beautiful, rustic sliding barn door, make sure to visit our online store.