Placing Your Sliding Barn Door

Placing Your Sliding Barn Door

Decorating your home isn’t just about art; it’s about creating a style that comes from you personality. With the uproar of the internet, home décor has been able to branch out and fuse together. Modern begins to mesh with vintage, while classic comes together with pop art. With the addition of the right sliding barn door, you can complete this fusion of styles and take your home to the next level.

Many people look at sliding barn doors and wonder where the best room in the house is for it. Luckily, Artisan Hardware has the perfect door for every room that you can customize to your desire including the barn door hardware. Below are some of our favorite matches that will go perfectly in your home.

3-Strap Barn Door with 3-Strap Door Hardware


The Aspen Barn Door comes with 3 metal straps going across the door. It’s popular in most traditional homes, but can be universal depending on the finish. Pairing it with the Aspen Barn Door Hardware will give it the perfect finish. This barn door would be perfect for separating your kitchen from your dining area or to cover your laundry room mess.

Glass Panel Sliding Barn Door with Artisan Strap Barn Door Hardware Kit



The Glass Panel Sliding Barn Door brings an elegant look to your home. It brings modern together with vintage in a unique design. Pairing it with the artisan strap barn door hardware kit will give it a slick and easy move. This combination would look perfect for your kitchen pantry while also giving you the subtlest addition to your décor.

3-Panel Sliding Barn Door with Classic Sliding Door Hardware



The 3-Panel Sliding Barn Door is one of the most elegant designs available. The simple style can add a much-needed look to your home without overdoing it. Paired with classic sliding door hardware, your entryway can change the way your guests look at your home.

Classic 6-Panel Sliding Barn Door with Horseshoe Barn Door Kit

classic 6 panel teal door 

If you want to add a sliding barn door to your children’s room, but don’t want a simple white door, look at the Classic 6-Panel Sliding Barn Door. This door is vibrant and can match perfectly to your child’s room. Pair it up with the Horseshoe Barn Door Kit and you will have the ideal look everyone will adore.

Full Vintage Panel Barn Door with Vintage Full Barn Door Hardware

reclaimed wood panel white background setting 

Giving your master bedroom update is something that people put off until the rest of their house is finished. Rather than weight to decorate the whole room, try adding a Full Vintage Panel Barn Door to replace your regular door or even the closet door. Top it off with the vintage full barn door hardware and you have to give your room a whole new look that is much deserved. This style gives you a vintage look with a touch of contemporary, making it the perfect inspiration when you’re finishing your entire room.

Not only can you find your dream barn door at Artisan Hardware, but you can also customize it to fit your specific needs. Follow us on Facebook and show us where you put your barn door!