Modern Rustic Decor in the Bedroom

Modern Rustic Decor in the Bedroom

The modern rustic bedroom style is gaining popularity quickly in today’s design world. The style draws inspiration from warm, cozy cabins as well as sleek, current designs. A typical modern rustic bedroom can carefully balance the homey aesthetic of wood beams, rod iron bed frames, and antler hangings with the chic vibe of globe lighting, streamlined furniture, and geometric rugs. Here are 7 ideas from the experts at Artisan Hardware on shopping for the perfect modern rustic decor for your space:

1. Incorporate Shiplap

If you’ve ever tuned into HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper, you know shiplap is having a moment. This is a staple of the farmhouse design style but also translates well to modern rustic decor. Use the wood planks to add interest to an otherwise boring wall or ceiling.

2. Give Furniture New Life

A modern rustic bedroom offers the perfect opportunity to revamp worn out furniture. Play up the distressed look of worn furniture by sanding and staining the wood. This will create a faux vintage effect that will seamlessly tie into the modern rustic decor.


3. Use Earthy Tones

Though bright and bold colors have their place, a modern rustic bedroom usually is most conducive to a neutral, earthy color palette. Tones of blue, green, brown, gray, and white are reminiscent of a country cottage or forested cabin. They create a calming effect that will be welcome in any bedroom.

4. Make a Statement with Lighting

A large chandelier is a perfect way to make a statement in a modern rustic bedroom. If the rest of the room is heavy on the rustic element, try installing a modern chandelier with geometric elements or sleek glass pendant lighting. And if the furniture or other major elements are more modern, you can try a large antler chandelier to play up the rustic vibe.

5. Bring in Nature-inspired Art

Art has a big effect on any interior design style. Add to your modern rustic decor by incorporating nature-inspired art on the walls of your modern rustic bedroom. Look for art with bucolic, countryside views or hang an animal painting to bring out the cabin inspiration.

6. Add Texture and Layers

No modern rustic bedroom is complete without adding lots of texture and layers for interest. Consider decorating with faux furs, textured pillows, cozy throw blankets, and plenty of plants. As for architectural elements, consider installing exposed wood beams, exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and A-frame ceilings. An accent wall from Artisan Hardware will help create a sophisticated, rustic look in a hurry.

7. Channel the Farm Life

If you want to create a truly unique space, a modern sliding barn door is a great way to go. Whereas a normal door is often the least exciting part of a room, a sliding barn door makes a statement to anyone who enters the space. Use a sliding barn door to conceal a closet or as the bedroom door entrance.


If you’re looking for master bedroom ideas or are decorating any other room in your home, Artisan Hardware can help complete the space. Visit our blog for more interior design inspiration.