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Investing in Barn Door Hardware

Investing in Barn Door Hardware

  • From rustic to vintage, sliding barn doors are becoming a huge commodity in home and office style. This trend has been casually growing throughout the years and will continue to take over homes in 2015. Sliding barn doors are here for good. But how does people choose a barn door right for them? Where do they start? Interestingly enough, it all starts with the barn door hardware.

    Styling Your Home or Office

    When people hear the words “barn door,” they automatically think of a country look with varnished, used wood. With the variety of barn door selections, you can have anything from a glass door to a classic 3-panel door. However, the real key to choosing your barn door is selecting the right bard door hardware. This will set the tone for the style of door and make it easier for you to choose.

    Barn doors aren’t made just for a bedroom or bathroom. They are now being used to divide larger rooms, such as lofts or offices. The industrial metal of the barn door hardware gives a modern vibe to higher end companies, lofts and art studios, but it can also be used to make a home feel warming or homely.

    Cost Efficient

    Sliding barn doors are not as costly as most people think. You may be able to find a barn door at a scrap yard or barn door demo, but you will still have to cut it down to the right size. This can cost you money in the long run if you don’t already have your barn door hardware picked out. When measuring your new door, you will need to add in room for the hardware to fit from the ceiling to the door.

    However, customizing a door easily on Artisan Hardware will take the guesswork out of your hands. Buying a customized door rather than using a scrap yard door will also give you more options as to what style and color you want, making the project easier to finish. Also, depending on the barn door hardware you choose, it could potentially be a bad fit with the scrap yard door you find.

    Quality Barn Door Hardware Is Vital

    The sliding barn door hardware is the most important part of adding a barn door into any space. Not only is it crucial for design purposes, but also for structural support. Sliding barn doors are space savers and their size tends to run big, meaning they are very heavy. Because of this, the barn door hardware needs to be made of high quality materials that attach securely to your walls. Great tracks will provide you with an effortless open and close glide that won’t damage walls or trim.

    Barn doors are a trend that will continue to grow past 2015. They are timeless and artistic and they can change the way any room looks instantly. If you’ve wanted to invest in a barn door and barn door hardware, there’s no better time than the present. This is an investment into your home or business. Your home is an expression of yourself and what are you if not unique and memorable.