Increasing the Value of Your Home with Sliding Barn Doors and Hardware

Increasing the Value of Your Home with Sliding Barn Doors and Hardware

Whether you’re a homeowner or dreaming of the day you become a homeowner, most of us can agree that having high value in our homes matter. Most of us expect to invest in something of quality and worth- we hope to surround ourselves with a home that reflects our tastes.

Did you know that there are actually a few tricks that have been shown to optimize your home’s potential value? Yes, that’s right. And guess what? These tricks have nothing to do with the generic requirements such as square footage, location, or the date your house was built. This involves the smaller, finer details of a home and surprisingly it’s affordable. I’m going to share some of these secrets that will increase the value of your home:


A report recently released by Zillow Digs showed that certain “keywords” or key features sell better in the real estate market today. Zillow analyzed listing descriptions for over 2 million homes sold between January 2014 and March 2016 nationwide to better understand how these “key home features” impacted the final sale price. (Zillow controlled the age, location, and size of the homes along with the dollar price they went on the market.) These key features included “sliding barn doors”, “subway tiles”, stainless steel, and “farm house sinks”. See the full list below.

Number one on this list is sliding barn doors.  According to Zillow, homes that list “sliding barn doors” in the description sold for 13.4 percent more on average than their expected value. They also sold 57 days faster on average than their expected sell time. This obviously is dependent upon the region, location and time of year you are selling but is still a very promising seller.


These barn doors come in many different styles and designs to make the perfect fit for each home.  Sliding barn doors are the perfect covering for kitchen pantries, office doors, bathroom doors, closets and even entertainment centers. You can even get more creative with them by making them into a table or even a bench!

Other features on the list include “Shaker Cabinets” which sold 9.6 more and 45 days faster than expected. The all famous “subway tiles” were shown to sell 7 percent more and a whopping 63 days faster.

Obviously, having a sliding barn door or farmhouse sink isn’t the be all and end all in selling your home - considering this a “causal relationship” would be too bold. However, we can see that it definitely can make an impact on your home's value. There’s a sense of artisanship and authenticity in all of these features which tends to be just what buyers are looking for today. The small touches in a home can make a big difference in perceived value.

According to Noble Black of Douglas Elliman Real Estate, “Premium buyers today are wanting a feeling of authenticity whether it’s in their renovation of a historic home or in their brand-new high-end condo in the city. They want “brand-new old."

We here at Artisan Hardware are here help you capitalize the value in your home or your potential home. We value home and family life and believe that you deserve to make your home a place of comfort and beauty. We specialize in artisanship and want to help you bring that “authentic” feel into your house.

So here’s the challenge. Take a chance. Add a little bit of charm and style to your house. The team at Artisan Hardware is here to help you to live in that place of beauty and authenticity you’ve always dreamed of.