How To Give Your Home A Romantic Industrialist Look

How To Give Your Home A Romantic Industrialist Look

I am in love with the Romantic Industrialist look for interior design. Romantic Industrial is a trend that utilizes the juxtaposition of modern and shabby chic. It brings the two styles together to create something new and original in homes. This is an interior design trend that you can't help but fall in love with. It is hitting an ultimate high, just in time for Valentine's Day. You can check out the trend here.

The romantic industrialist look is a steady blend of hard edges and urban furnishings that mesh with soft tones of pink and blush. The trend was inspired by rustic and modern looks that blended together to create an interior designer's dream home. The best part of this look is how achievable and affordable it can be! It is a great minimalist and clean style that still incorporates warm and soft accents to keep your home feeling like a home. I thought trying to achieve this design would be too expensive or too much work, but that is not the case. Paying attention to the small details is essential for this look and it turns out that it is easier than I thought! Here are some easy, fun, and affordable ways you can achieve this look!

1. The Romantic Industrialist Backdrop

brick romantic industrial

A major part of getting a romantic industrial look is the finish of your walls. Dark grays or white walls with faded plaster are great additions for this look. I think that the look is best achieved with the implementation of brick. If you have a boring wall, romanticize it with distressed brick. If your home is not already finished with brick walls, that is no problem! You can order brick wallpaper that looks just as good as the real thing and at an affordable price.

2. Pretty in Pink

barn door hardware
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What makes a romantic industrialist look romantic is the incorporation of different delicate shades of pink and rose! Whether that be light pink drapes over your windows or oyster pink upholstery to cover your furniture, this accent is essential to warm up your home. I like fuzzy pinks or off white blankets as accents on the sofa. If you have an old couch, it can easily be reupholstered with the fabric of your choice in order to help you achieve this look at an affordable cost and without having to buy and lug a heavy new couch into your home. Check out this guide on how to reupholster your couch!

3. Barn Doors


This is my favorite addition that can effortlessly industrialize your home while also increasing the value of your home. Barn doors are sliding into homes more and more. They are great for saving space and giving your home an original look that will put people in awe. Replace your old door with this upgrade. This design from Artisan Hardware provides a distressed wooden plank look with modern sliding barn door hardware to industrialize and romanticize all in one! You can get the door here.

4. Just The Right Rug

industrial statement rug

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Since the Romantic Industrial look is very simple and minimal, having an area rug that makes a big statement will help liven up your living room. Still, there is a fine line between chic and tacky. Keeping the rug a soft color but with texture is a perfect medium to stay simple while still making a statement. Too bright of colors will stray from the Romantic Industrial theme and end up overwhelming the design. I would recommend decorating all other elements of your home first and then choose your area rug later in the game. This will ensure that whatever room you place it in will blend well with your design and make any cost or effort completely worth it!

5. Get into Shape

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One of the best ways to contrast the vintage and soft pinks of your furniture or window drapes will be the shapes you incorporate into your design. Adding a fun geometric lamp or simple rods to your design will help achieve this look. Soft curved furniture paired with the hard edges of steel bookshelves is the perfect blend to incorporate. If you are decorating your bedroom, consider nixing your closet and instead of using a clothing rack made of metal or distressed steel. You could also consider replacing your closet door with a sliding barn door, like the one I mentioned above.

6. All of The Lights

Adding some soft lighting to your home makes for a romantic mood and warms the tone of your home. Try hanging lights from above or in intricate patterns. This adds a rustic look to your industrial decor as well. You can also find industrial inspired light fixtures. Try hanging string lights from a small repurposed ladder for an awesome makeshift chandelier such as this one:
industrial lighting

7. Pillows: The Snuggle is Real.

sliding barn door

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Pillows make any room cozier while also setting a romantic mood for Valentine's Day. Still- this look is not only exclusive for Valentine's Day... it is timeless! Add some snuggle to your industrial look with cute and fun accent pillows for your couches, chairs, and bed. Pastels, gray, and textured pillows will look great. Try adding some fuzzy pillows for a lighthearted touch or pillows with vibrant designs that go well with your color scheme.