Feng Shui Basics: How to Create the Ideal Feng Shui Home

Feng Shui Basics: How to Create the Ideal Feng Shui Home

How do you feel in your home? When you’re sitting in your living room, for example, do you feel calm, centered, and collected or slightly “off” and uneasy? When cooking in your kitchen, are you fueled by feelings of happiness or looming stress? As the place where you go to rest, relax, and relish life’s journey, your home should be brimming with good energy, positive vibes, and harmonious balance.

If you don’t feel as if your home promotes happiness, good health, and success, chances are you’re lacking feng shui in your home.

What is a feng shui home?

Put simply, feng shui is an ancient Chinese thought system that utilizes energy forces to create harmony and balance between people and their environment. Whether it be a particular room in a home, an entire house, an office building, or even a future building site, feng shui can be used to regulate how the flow of energy works in relation to the arrangement and orientation in a particular area. Feng shui is often referred to as the invisible force responsible for the peace and balance that harmonizes individuals, the earth, and the universe.

How to create a feng shui home

As part of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, feng shui rules are a complex intertwined system that can take immense studying to fully understand. Fortunately, however, you don’t have to invest hours of your life mastering all the feng shui rules to understand the basics of this energetic art. In fact, by following these easy feng shui basics, you can improve the feng shui in your home to make it a more well-balanced, welcoming, and comfortable place to live.

1. It all starts at your front door

feng shui home entrance


Wonderlane (https://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/5024687401)

Beginning your home’s feng shui at the front door helps the rest of your home to follow suit. Think about it: what’s the point of bringing good energy into the heart of your home if you have to repeatedly walk through or near a front door that doesn’t boast the same vibes?

Often referred to as “the mouth of Chi” in the feng shui system, the front door can also help welcome optimal energy into the rest of your home. Consider adding decorative elements in your entryway like a picture of your family, bright fresh flowers, and bright feng shui colors (see next tip) to make your front door a feng shui friendly area.

2. Invite colors into your feng shui home

gold and green bedroom

Soft yellows, sandstone tones, blue-green hues, and pale shades of gold, orange, and green are all recommended colors to increasing clarity and mental focus, while also grounding and stabilizing the harmonic flow of energy throughout your home.

Get creative with how you incorporate these colors into the various rooms of your house. While applying wall paint is often a recommended step, try to include these feng shui colors in fabrics, furniture, and decor as well.

3. Focus on energy-friendly arrangements

Feng shui plant living room


Vinicius Nunes (https://www.flickr.com/photos/136519360@N06/22732445120)

Furniture arrangement can make or break the flow of positive energy in your home. Take time to observe the layout of each and every room in your house, making note of what pieces do and do not “feel right.” Because the intent of a feng shui home is to implement balance and harmony between you and your space, your intuition will likely alert you if something feels wrong or out of place.

  1. Is there a particular piece of furniture that seems to get in the way when you’re walking throughout the space?
  2. Does a certain piece of artwork or decor grab your attention in an aggressive, unnatural way?
  3. Is there a different way you could arrange the furniture in your bedroom, living room, or office to better utilize natural light and have a more welcoming appeal?

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different layouts until you find the flow that feels best for you.

4. Don’t ignore the bathroom

calm bathroom


Lizzie Benton (https://www.flickr.com/photos/133418222@N05/17972012921)

Bathrooms have a bad rap when it comes to feng shui and because of such, these spaces should not be ignored. To boost the flow of energy in the washrooms of your home, use:

  1. 1. Soft colors
  2. 2. Warm candles
  3. 3. Soft rugs
  4. 4. Plenty of plants

You should also take the necessary steps to create an organizational system that gets rid of clutter and disarray. Organization helps bring in feelings of peace, balance, and serenity.


When it comes to creating a feng shui home, perhaps the most valuable tip is to think outside the box and really get in tune with how your body feels in each room of the house. Is a particular wall color throwing you off? Try a different color. Are you constantly battling the clutter of every-day life? Hone your organizational skills to help deter the build up. Is there an office, bedroom, bathroom, or closet door that’s blocking the flow of energy throughout your home? Consider replacing this with a sliding barn door that welcomes both a positive, energetic flow and boosts fundamental feng shui design.

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