Eye Catching Accent Walls for a Bold and Daring Home

Eye Catching Accent Walls for a Bold and Daring Home

An accent wall is anything but subtle- it is the centerpiece of a room or potentially your entire home. The contrast of an accent wall draws the eyes straight to it, making it an opportunity to highlight particular architectural features and emphasize the dynamic of a room. Accent walls have the ability to make rooms seem larger and more lively by taking a seemingly ordinary space and catapulting it to extraordinary with a pop of color, texture, or shape. Accent walls are an affordable and easy way to give your home personality... and the possibilities are endless. Be bold and get inspired today with these many inspirations to help you find and install the perfect accent wall that will take your home to the next level.

1. Modern Yet Rustic: Authentic Wood Paneled Accent Walls

accent wall wood

Completely transform your space with authentic and easy-to-install adhesive wood wall paneling. Let your wall tell a story and start a conversation. The rustic look of wood adds a dynamic to your room that will make a statement- just as an accent wall should.

2. Shapes: Geometric Stencil Wall

DIY stencil accent walls


Stencil DIY projects can get messy but it is definitely easier (and way more fun!) than having to memorize the formulas for different types of triangles and parallelograms. Designing one of the walls in your home with a geometric inspiration will automatically be the most interesting wall in your home. By simply choosing a stencil and some paint, you can turn a boring wall into a masterpiece in no time.

3. From Light to Dark: The Ombre Wall

accent walls

You can never go wrong with ombre. Utilize different tones of the same color to create a cascading effect that emphasizes a wall from top to bottom. Take a shot at the ombre style on your accent wall of choice! This cheap and easy upgrade depends on the perfect paints and blending.

4. Industrial Meets Chic: The Metal Panel Wall

accent metal wall

The industrial look is taking over homes in 2017. From the romantic industrialist look to the minimalist simplicity that is sought for in interior design, you can't go wrong with a metal panel wall. Metal panels will increase the value and aesthetic of your home... and it is easier than you may think. Purchasing metal panels allows for flexibility on where and how you incorporate this style of accent wall in your design. All you have to do is stick the panels to your wall of choice. Here are installation instructions.

5. Fake It: Wallpapered Accent Walls

wallpapered accent walls

If you aren't much of a DIY person or painting is not your strongest suit, just fake it till you make it! Wallpaper has the ability to give the illusion of brick, wood, or any design your heart desires.

6. Color Pop

accent wall bold

Accent walls do not have to be textured or include complex designs to draw attention. A simple pop of color transforms any wall from blah to bam! A good first step is to choose a color that will pair well with your interior. For a more cohesive look, try incorporating your accent color subtly around your home.

7. Chalk It Up

accent walls chalk

chalk board sliding barn door

Transform a wall into a chalk wall with chalk paint. Chalk paint does not have to be the standard black chalkboard look either... you can purchase a multitude of colors! This project is fun and easy and the wall has endless possibilities as to what design is on the wall, what quotes you write on the wall, or maybe you just want a place to jot down your grocery list. A chalk wall is creative and functional all at the same time. For a more subtle chalky touch rather than a whole wall dedicated to chalk paint instead consider adding a chalkboard sliding barn door to your home for an equally cool and creative eye catching design.