DIY Home Decor: 10 Easy Ideas For an Empty Wall

DIY Home Decor: 10 Easy Ideas For an Empty Wall

If you're not into bare walls, we’ve got 10 easy DIY home decor ideas for you. Trust us, you'll love these empty wall ideas and having a new, livened-up space!

1 - Texturize with Wall Panels

Maybe your walls are flat and featureless, or maybe you’d rather have some walls with character and a sense of time or place. If so, adding wall panels to create an incredible accent is a super easy DIY project that gives a lot of flair for a little effort. Installing raw pinewood panels can help you achieve a Scandinavian, vogue look. Industrial metal panels give off a more urban feel to your space. Either way, adding depth and dimension to your bare walls is a surefire way to wow.

2- Shadowbox Your Stuff

Why limit your collections to the mantle or tabletop? Instead, pick up a few shadow boxes and give beloved items a worthy resting spot.

Make the best display by grouping similar mementos together to create a theme. Your theme could be anything from luggage tags, awards, sketches, seashells, or badges. Layer items inside a shadowbox for added depth, and glue in place to secure. Hang your shadowbox on a bare wall and enjoy reminiscing every time you walk by.

3- Grow a Living Wall

Especially popular for those without an outdoor garden space, adding an indoor living wall to your kitchen can be an extremely rewarding DIY project.

There are many different ways you can accomplish this, but some of the easiest ways are to utilize a pallet, set up a series of filled pots on shelves, or hang specialized pre-made pouches. Plant hardy herbs that are dinner-friendly and you not only have a beautiful accent piece, but a delicious one too!

4 - A Built-In Library

There is a shelf style for everyone, but for the literary (or the “wannabes”), a library wall is a DIY dream come true. Yes, building a built-in shelf from scratch can be more than a little tricky, but luckily there are easier ways to get the same look.

Install prefab bookcases and add some decorative molding around the edges to get that expensive look without breaking the bank (or your fingernails).

5- Put Up Tile to Match Your Personality

For a big impact, this afternoon project delivers. Tiling a floor might take an entire weekend, but tiling a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom is much less time-consuming. With tile, you can really let your personality shine by using fun colors, shapes, and materials.  

6 - Add Barn Doors for Functional Beauty

Adding a sliding barn door to your wall’s opening doesn’t only provide a functional way to close off the room, but it gives the added benefit of being a beautiful statement piece for your wall. Whether you choose chalkboard, reclaimed wood, industrial steel, or paneled glass, your barn door will be a piece of home decor that you will love to show off.

wood wall panels metal wall

7 - Hang Baskets as a Unique Art Piece

Colorful woven baskets are having a huge moment right now, and for good reason. Hang them on the wall for a unique art piece that provides color, texture, and dimension to an otherwise boring, blank wall. You can find bright baskets in various patterns on sites like Etsy, or you can whip out a quick DIY project. To do it yourself, simply use a thin paintbrush to paint patterns inside plain-woven baskets.

8 - Decorate with Your Own Accessories

Pretty accessories like hats, scarves, and jewelry serve as a great way to fill up a blank wall without spending more money. Choose hats that have a similar color scheme, then simply use a nail and hammer to create a pattern to hang the hats from. 

Bedroom design with pillows and blankets

9 - Install Wainscotting

Wainscotting is a sophisticated look that you can get at an affordable price when you do it yourself. Purchase 4- or 6-inch-wide wainscotting paneling and install in a grid pattern, then paint the wall whatever color you please. White is a classic color for wainscotting, or you can go bold and dramatic with a dark blue or charcoal paint color.

room with wainscotting

10 - Frame Paper

Framing large pieces of art can be pricey, but you can achieve the same look by framing decorative paper. Frame any design that catches your eye, whether it’s a wallpaper sample, wrapping paper, or vintage poster. You can even hang two similar pieces of framed paper behind twin beds to create a symmetrical headboard effect.

framed art

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