Design Features of a Craftsman Style Home

Design Features of a Craftsman Style Home

Craftsman style homes are crafted and designed homes that focus on the beauty and dignity of handcrafted products. They are known for their originality, simplicity, local and natural touches, and beautifully visible handmade design. To easily identify this type of house, you have to be familiar with what makes a Craftsman style home. 

What Is Craftsman Interior Design?

A traditional Craftsman interior will look a bit different from a more modern style. While it still has similar elements and focuses, Craftsman style interiors highlight the handcrafted features. Here are a few elements to keep an eye out for when trying to decide if you’re seeing Craftsman interior design. 

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Focal Fireplace

A fireplace that is the center of attention in a major living room is a key part of a Craftsman home. The living room will be adjacent to the entry and will share some sort of connection in style and feel to the porch. In modern Craftsman interior design, the fireplace might be gas-powered, but it still creates a central focal point in the living space.

The fireplace is also an element for local style and design to enter into the home. Typically the fireplace will include wood paneling or stonework that is from a regional quarry or forest. 

living room with woodwork


An essential part of a Craftsman home is displaying and using handcrafted elements. Wood paneling, hardwood floors, exposed wood beams, and even wooden window casings are elements that are typically used. 

Throughout the interior of the home, these wooden elements are similar in color and design, and in the best case are local to the area where the house was built. Using oak or cedar from a nearby forest is preferred to importing. 

Kitchen with wood cabinets

Built-in Cabinetry

Built-in wood cabinets and bookshelves are a staple in a Craftsman interior design. These cabinets will typically have visible joints in them, and be lightly finished so you are still able to see the skill and talent needed in creating them.

Craftsman style living room with natural light

Natural Light

Craftsman interior design includes large and plentiful windows. Every room is lit by natural light, and there is little to no window dressings to take away from or cover it.

As part of the natural light, most windows will be in window casings. Window casings are typically wood molding that trims the window, treating it almost like a picture frame. As with all other elements in a Craftsman home, these will typically be made by hand and from local materials and should match the other wood elements that are found in the room to produce a cohesive theme.

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Another key part of a Craftsman style interior design is the entry space. This area of the home acts as a buffer from the outside world. It is a place to hang up coats, take off snow-covered boots, and greet guests. 

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Handmade Design

The biggest part of Craftsman style is highlighting and showcasing elements of your home that are designed and made by hand. This can include things like a Craftsman style sliding barn door. By including a barn door, you are able to quickly infuse a room with a focal point that is based in a rustic handmade design. When picking a style for your interior design, Craftsman is one that can encompass everything from a modern farmhouse to a more rustic design.  

What is Craftsman Exterior Design?

The exterior of a Craftsman style home is almost as important as the interior. A Craftsman style interior design celebrates the area the home is built in and encourages the outside of the home to be an extension of the interior. Much like the interior design, handcrafted elements are highlighted in the exterior design.

Here are a few elements to look for when determining if a home has a Craftsman exterior design. 

Craftsman style home with a large porch

Large Porch

A staple to Craftsman exterior design is a large porch. The covered porch can be an area by the front door to the house, but it is not uncommon for it to extend around the side of the home as well.  

The porch isn’t just an entrance in a Craftsman style home, it is part of the living space. Frequently there will be chairs, swings, and toys if there are kids around. The porch is considered the first room in the home and should be used as a living space. 

The front porch is also the introduction to the interior style and feel of the home. Similar paint colors, wood stains, and even woodworking styles that are used in the porch area will continue into the interior. 

Large porch with rocking chairs

Support Posts

With large covered porches, the Craftsman style also includes large tapered beams. These beams can be either in local stonework or wood, and are made to support the overhang that is covering the porch. 

Sometimes these support posts are pillars or bars, but the most typical form is tapered posts. 

Home with dormer windows

Dormer Window

Dormer windows can vary in size and shape, and are found on the sloped side of a roof. When you look at a dormer window, it juts outward from the roof and has a little roof of its own. 

These windows are not just a stylistic addition to the home, but change the interior design of a room. They add natural light to a room or attic which fits in nicely with the overall feel of the home. 

While these are a popular design addition for Craftsman homes, it is not a necessity of the style. 

Porch with exposed beams

Exposed Beams

When you think Craftsman style homes, you need to only think of a home that showcases the effort and skill required to build it. Exposed beams show off the craftsmanship needed to create them, and are generally visible under the large eaves. 

Large Eaves

Eaves are the edges of a roof that overhangs the wall. The extended eave provides shade for the windows, which is needed to match the interior design around the typically undressed windows. 

Eaves also work as protection from rain and snow. Without eaves, rain and snow will fall down the side of the house, which can lead to a damaged foundation and flooding. 

Roof of home

Hipped or Gabled Roofs

There are two main options for the roof of a Craftsman style home. Typically, this style of home is going to have a hipped or gabled roof. 

A gabled roof is when there are only two slopes on the house that come up to a central line in the middle of the home. The easiest way to imagine this is if you fold a piece of paper in half, and then use that folded paper as the roof of the home.

A hipped roof is similar to a gabled roof, but instead of only two sides of the home having slopes, all four sides are sloped. If the four slopes meet in a point, it’s a pyramid hip roof, but if they do not, it’s a simple hip roof.  

Whether you are looking into a new build or simply want to incorporate a few Craftsman style interior design touches to your current home, a Craftsman home will always be a classic. Adding a craftsman style barn door can also enhance the modern craftsman interior design of your home. Find the perfect craftsman style barn door today and kick your craftsman style off on the right foot.