Choosing Wood Types for Your Home: A Guide to Different Types of Wood

Choosing Wood Types for Your Home: A Guide to Different Types of Wood

Though home decor trends come and go, wood will always be in fashion for giving warmth and texture to an otherwise boring or sterile space. Wood fits every style of decor and will stand the test of time in creating a beautiful aesthetic for your home. Even the most modern space can benefit from some woodwork to add interest and layers to the room.

But with such a variety of wood options out there, it can be hard to know where to begin when decorating your home. Different varieties of wood have different tones, grain patterns, and textures. You’ll also need to decide if hardwood or softwood is best for your needs.

Learn more about how to choose wood for your home with our helpful guide. We’ll walk you through different types of wood and the ideal uses for each type.


Oak wood is a hardwood that makes for a durable and popular option for many homeowners. Oak comes in red and white tones and has very distinct grain patterns that can match classic, traditional interior decor and more modern and contemporary styles as well. Oak wood is ideal for furniture like bed frames, dressers, or flooring. If you’re looking for something warp-resistant, oak is a great option.

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Walnut is a high-end wood that makes for a beautiful carving surface. The wood is unique for its variation in color on a single board piece. Walnut varies from the chocolate brown color at the center of the tree that changes to a yellow tone toward the outside of the tree. Many decorators choose walnut for headboards, mantels, or ornate dining sets. Walnut is also a great choice for the custom barn doors we carry at Artisan Hardware. The doors come in a variety of wood types and have a wide selection of hardware finishes to customize the final product.

walnut wood


Pine is one of the more common types of wood for furniture because of its low price point and versatility. Pine can be stained or easily painted to take on any look you’re after. The original tone of most pine is a yellow or white color with brown knots. Pine is a softwood, so avoid using it for anything you don’t want to get scratched or dented. Many people choose it for a more rustic, farmhouse look in their kitchen or children’s rooms.

pine wood

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Maple is an excellent hardwood option that can be found at an affordable price point. The tones range from white to slightly red-tinged and can take a dark stain so it looks like more expensive cherry or mahogany wood. The hard surface is ideal for kitchen cabinets or dressers that get a lot of use.

maple wood

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Time to Get Started

Now that you’re more acquainted with the different types of wood and their ideal uses, it’s time to get shopping! You’ll love the way wood can transform your space and bring a finished look to any room. And if you’re looking for a rustic, artisan-style sliding barn door to enhance your space, you can also turn to Artisan Hardware and browse our blog to check out a variety of beautiful options.