Choosing the Room for Your Sliding Barn Door

Choosing the Room for Your Sliding Barn Door

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to give your home a little TLC. Deciding how to upgrade your décor can be time-consuming in itself, but what if there was a subtle way to change the look in your house without the hassle of painting? Luckily there is a way – sliding barn doors.

Sliding barn doors are extremely versatile; they can go in any room of your house. Whether you are going for a contemporary look or a country vibe, you will be able to find the perfect door for your home. The challenging part of choosing your sliding barn door will come from deciding what room you want to give a new look.

Choosing a room for your sliding barn door can be difficult because there are so many options. From the kitchen to the bedroom, barn doors can go anywhere in your home. But, before you choose your room you must first take into account if you want a sliding barn door for privacy, separation or just as a door. Knowing this will give limit your choices greatly and give you a better look at what your door will look like.

Sliding Barn Door for Privacy

Because sliding barn doors don’t latch together you don’t get as much privacy as you do with a traditional door, but you can add a teardrop latch for a lock. However, they are built to cover the entire entryway so people can’t peak into your room. This is perfect for a house with style and kids. Sliding barn doors don’t have doorknobs to wake a sleepy person up when you want to check on them.

Outside of bedrooms, sliding barn doors are great for your bathroom. Whether it’s a personal bathroom or a shared one, nobody will walk in on you with a closed barn door. Not to mention that the easy push/pull system makes it safer for when you have little ones that are just learning to use the bathroom on their own.

Sliding Barn Door for Separation

Not every home layout is a dream. Some rooms connect when you don’t want them to, making it feel like there’s less room in your home. Sliding barn doors are the perfect way to make what feels like one room into two. It gives a full separation that is much desired and sometimes overlooked.

Often times either the kitchen is connected to the dining room or the dining room is connected to your living room, which means you can see everything happening while you’re eating. By getting a sliding barn door to separate the two rooms, you will be able to hide the other rooms during game night with friends or if there’s a mess in the kitchen at a dinner party.

Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors aren’t just for bedrooms or room separations; they’re also great in the kitchen, laundry room or even the hallway closet. Think about it if you will; imagine a dirty laundry room that you haven’t been able to clean in a while or a pantry where everything is out of order, having a sliding barn door will hide your cluttered mess in style.

No matter where you put your sliding barn door, there’s always room for more. Taking the time to decide where you want to stick your door will allow you to fully discover what style you want for that room. It will open up your mind to endless options and make you want to update your whole home. Once you’ve made up your mind, sit down and find the right style for you and start redecorating your home.