Benefits of a Sliding Barn Door

Benefits of a Sliding Barn Door

Doors are often an overlooked feature in your house. However, with modern designs, your door can be the main feature of your home. Adding barn doors not only change the feel of your room but with the many uses barn doors have, it can change the way you look at your home. By switching from doorknobs to barn door pulls, you will give your traditional home a modern look.

Unlimited Designs

Sliding barn doors are compatible with every room thanks to the rolling door hardware. Every room can have a design made to accent the décor, giving your home a more homely feeling. It’s important to find the right design for you, which is why Artisan Hardware gives you so many options.

That being said, here are a few of our more popular designs that might give you the classic touch to your home that you’ve been looking for.

The Full Vintage Panel Door combines the vintage hardware with horizontal panels that create a more contemporary look. This is perfect for closets, hallways or even as a wall piece.

reclaimed wood panel white background setting

3-Panel Sliding Barn Door
The 3-Panel Barn Door is a contemporary twist on the classic 5-Panel Barn Door. This door is perfect for entryways and bedrooms or really anywhere you’d like to put it.

3 panel straight white door


Classic Barn Door
The most simple and timeless door available on the site is the Classic Barn Door. It meshes with any style décor and colored interior. Hang it in any room and make all visitors green with envy.

classic green barn door brick background

Advantages of Barn Doors

One of the best things about adding a barn door to your house mixing and matching the perfect door to the perfect barn door hardware. Once your door is complete, your room will shine with elegance.

On top of the gorgeous style that will be brought to your home, barn doors will also save you space. By installing a door that slides against a wall instead of swinging out, you will be eliminating empty space taken up by the range of a regular door of motion.

Barn doors are also beneficial when it comes to the weight of doors. Because some doors stick or are heavy to pull, it may make it harder for some people to open and close them. But with sliding barn doors, that won’t be a problem. By hanging a door on a track with barn door hardware, the majority of the weight and strain is removed from the user, making the beautiful doors accessible to all.

If you’re looking to update your home with a classic, yet modern style that is specific to your desire, check out our online store. At Artisan Hardware, we will help you find the perfect décor for your home and your life.