Interior Barn Door Ideas

Interior Barn Door Ideas

Barn doors look fantastic in all the perfect homes found online, but there can be a disconnect between those model homes and what you have in your home. This can make it difficult when you know that you want a barn door as part of your home, but you’re just not sure how to make it happen. 

Barn doors are great for adding harmony and flow of style without taking up valuable space in any home. Fortunately, we have a few ways you can make your barn door ideas and dreams come true! 

Interior Barn Door Ideas

Barn doors are versatile and can be used for more than just a bedroom door. There is a strong variety of styles and shapes to match your needs no matter what your plans may be. Some of the best places to include barn doors in your home are where you are trying to fight between space and style because barn doors help you manage both! 


bright kitchen interior with a barn door

A sliding barn door is a stylish way to cover a pantry. Depending on the layout and style of your kitchen, a pantry can look like a random door in an otherwise cohesive style and theme. A barn door allows you to keep and extend the theme of your kitchen without drawing attention to itself. 


dark closet in the living room area

Compact closets are a great place to put your barn door closet ideas to use. Small closets like linen, toy, or jacket closets are definitely places you should consider using a barn door. These small spaces are typically in compact hallways that have barely enough room to open a traditional door. By using a sliding barn door, you add style to your hallway while saving valuable space. 

Laundry Room

laundry room interior example

Laundry rooms can become messy, are noisy, and detract from the feel of your house. Whether you have a small laundry room that is more of a closet in a hallway, or a large dedicated room, a barn door can help in covering the noise and mess of a laundry room without taking away from your home’s style.


White bathroom interior with white sliding barn door

Bathrooms that are adjacent to master bedrooms or any jack and jill bathroom between bedrooms can become a mess of doors and as well as a fight for space between the people who use them. Barn doors can help save space, while still providing the necessary privacy. 

Media Console Center

Media console center

One interior barn door idea is using barn doors as part of your media console center. It’s always tricky to decorate around a large television set. You can’t create a rustic farmhouse that reminds everyone of traditional country living while a 75-inch TV sits and creates a giant black void in your design. 

A barn door can be used on the outside of a media console center as a sliding cover to your TV. When the TV is in use, the barn doors can be moved to the sides so everyone in the room can enjoy the game or show together. However, when no one is using the TV, the barn doors can be closed to cover the TV. Open or closed, using barn doors as part of your media center can provide your living room with a necessary punch of style. 

Barn Door Lock Ideas

barn door lock system for privacy

One of the biggest concerns with barn doors, especially if they are used near a bathroom, bedroom, or office space, is the amount of privacy that they can provide. It’s not just good enough to have a door, it is necessary that the door be lockable and able to provide privacy. 

The easiest way to close a barn door is with a hook and eye latch lock. This is a more rustic and traditional solution to keeping a barn door closed. Depending on your style, a hook and eye latch might not be the best for you.

For a more modern barn door lock idea, you might consider using a tear-drop latch, or even installing a privacy barn door lock.

Not all barn door lock ideas require extensive installation. Another option with significantly less drilling that is easy to install is a surface-mounted privacy lock. With this option, you won’t have to drill through drywall, or find studs, but you can still keep a barn door locked and get the privacy you need.

In your home, you can create your own style that is uniquely yours with barn doors. No matter where you choose to use them, barn doors provide impactful style and function.