Action Accent Walls: Making The Most Out of Artisan Hardware's Decorative Wall Panels

Action Accent Walls: Making The Most Out of Artisan Hardware's Decorative Wall Panels

Accent walls are a powerful design choice for your home. Emphasizing one wall as a focal point is an effective update that is easier than renovating all the walls in your home. By implementing an accent wall with either wood wall panels or metal wall panels, you have the power to completely transform your home. If your search for the perfect accent wall inspiration has been overwhelming, look no more. Decorative wall panels by Artisan Hardware are authentic, high quality, and easy-to-install. So, if you want a modern chic or industrial look, Artisan has you covered wall to wall.


Decorative Wood Wall Panels

No matter where you want to install your accent wall, authentic wood wall panels have the power to revamp your living room or bedroom. Artisan's collection of sustainably sourced reclaimed wood wall panels are treated by trained artisans. The adhesive wood paneling is easy-to-install yourself while still retaining that eye-catching quality. Our wood paneling system allows you to use designer wood panels to create a look and feel that is unique to your living and working spaces. Also, the natural wood patterns on Artisan's panels are precisely the details that make the wall paneling system so appealing. With a simple installation of a single detail, you can renovate the entire feel of your interior design.


Umber Brown Wood Wall Panels


Warm up your living room with Umber Brown Wood stick on panels. The Umber Brown Wood Wall panels capture deep brown and tan tones that are best utilized with accompanying design elements that brighten the space. Such as soft ivories, pinks, light greens, and yellows. Bright colors will give the dark wood more oomph while also contrasting nicely with your decor.


Fallow Tan Wood


Implementation of the Fallow Tan wood wall panels will lighten and soften a room and is perfect for a subtle rustic embellishment. Paired with a  monochromatic color scheme is the perfect way to pair this accent wall with your interior design. Check out these monochromatic design ideas.


Wolf Gray Wood


The Wolf Gray wood panels give a contemporary touch to your home. Arguably the most daring panel design, this wood still holds an antique quality that is unmatched by other styles. Pair this look with modern decor and unique features in your home, such as a sliding barn door.


Raw Pine Wood


Raw Pinewood wall panels come ready to hang and stain or paint with the finish of your choice. For inspiration on choosing the perfect bold color for your accent wall, check out these painting accent wall ideas. If left raw, the wood will darken and age in a unique and beautiful alternative. In addition, to prepare the wood, it is sanded and prepped to precision, making installation very simple. Raw pine wood wall panels go equally as well with a modern/contemporary aesthetic as it does with rustic or vintage. It can be whatever you need it to be in order to achieve your dream design!


Industrial Metal Panels

Metal wall panels are an effortless way to update your home or business. Using industrial accent walls adds to a room, both as a profile that breaks up light and as a contrasting or complementary color or finish. Whether you want to give your home an industrial modern look or simply amp up any room in your home, these simple, easy-to-install panels are the best option. This sophisticated touch is the perfect way to highlight certain architectural features and add variety to your home.