8 Kids Bedroom Furniture Ideas That Inspire Imagination and Fun

8 Kids Bedroom Furniture Ideas That Inspire Imagination and Fun

Is your child’s bedroom in need of a makeover? Whether you’re transforming a nursery into a toddler paradise, starting from scratch after moving, or your kid is simply growing bored of the same-old space, designing a child’s bedroom can be a fun and creative project.

Sure, the main purpose of a bedroom is sleep—but for kids, it’s also a place for imagination and play. With the right environment, a kid can fall in love with reading, create a work of art, or imagine a new world. Filling your child’s room with fun kids’ room furniture and accessories will make it a unique space that reflects their individual personality—and invites children to dream.

Ready to get designing? Decide on a theme and a color scheme for the room. Choose colors that are bright, fun, and fit your child. Once you have an idea of what sort of room you’d like to create, take a look at these fun ideas for furniture for kids that your children are sure to love.

1. Beyond the Race-car Bed

The most important kids’ bedroom furniture is also the centerpiece of the room—the bed. A fun bed draws the eye and communicates the room’s theme. The race-car bed is a classic tot favorite, but there are other imagination-sparking ideas out there: for example, a pirate-ship bed, for example, or maybe a rocket ship or airplane. A DIY upholstered headboard can add a touch of color and fun.

pirate ship bed kids



2. Overhead Canopy

If space is a concern in your kid’s bedroom, consider looking up: adding a canopy over the bed or play area can turn a bedroom into a hideout or make a little girl feel like a princess. Canopies can be shaped like leaves or balloons, or consist of a simple DIY sheer, draped fabric.





3. Table and Chairs

The rest of your house is adult-sized—using furniture made for kids in their bedroom creates a haven for pint-sized family members. A child-sized table and chairs open up worlds of creative play, from art projects, to tea parties, to building brick towers.



4. Chalkboard Door

Speaking of creativity, Artisan Hardware’s chalkboard door is the perfect touch. Completely erasable, it’s a door your kids actually can draw on as they scribble out chalk pictures, ideas, and messages for friends and siblings.

chalk board sliding barn door

5. Cube Multi-Purpose Shelving

Furniture for kids needs to include storage for toys, clothing, books, and more. Instead of filling up a whimsical child’s bedroom with big blocky pieces, consider getting one big multi-purpose bookcase with cube-shaped shelving. The cubes create crannies for books and toys while providing surfaces to display rock collections and knick-knacks. Grab a few large canvas cube organizers to store clothes and organize toys, adding even more fun color and flair to the room.




6. DIY Decor

OK, so decor technically isn’t furniture for kids, but it is just as important in creating an atmosphere of fun. DIY touches like hand-lettered signs, painted picture frames, bunting pennants, or framed artwork by your kid, add color and individuality to a room.



7. Rugs and Cushions

Kids spend a lot of time playing on the floor, so make it a comfy and fun place to be. Pick a bright, colorful rug that matches the theme—some kids might like a race-car track rug to play on—and scatter a few poufs and cushions for comfort and seating.



8. Playhouse

A simple playhouse is a great example of fun furniture for kids. Child-sized teepees are trendy right now and make great DIY projects. Add a few cushions and pile of books, and you’ve got a reading nook no kid will ever want to leave.

Furniture for kids can be both fun and functional. As you pick kids’ bedroom furniture pieces that inspire creativity, maximize the space, and fit the theme, you can create a child-friendly paradise.

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