7 Ways to Customize Your Farmhouse Design Plans

7 Ways to Customize Your Farmhouse Design Plans

We love the way that today’s on-trend interior designs incorporate an eclectic mix of decor styles. The most attractive homes are no longer just traditional or just bohemian — instead, they add a dose of this and a bit of that to create a new style that’s thoroughly customized to the homeowner’s tastes.

This is good news for anyone designing a home, or just looking to refresh their space. Rather than having to strictly stick to one style, anyone can take from several different looks and borrow their favorite elements to make something interesting.

Read on for our tips on how to take your traditional farmhouse design from typical to modern in just seven steps:


1) Stick with streamlined furniture

You don’t want to overdo the farmhouse look with overstuffed couches and heavy-looking armchairs. These pieces can push your farmhouse style into looking tired and literal rather than eclectic and fresh. Seek inspiration from other styles of furniture and look for pieces that are minimalist and sleek.



2) Mix in modern pieces with traditional

When the rest of your house is inspired by traditional farmhouse style, ie. farmhouse tables with long benches, farmhouse sinks, and exposed beams, you want to make sure the furniture inside it is a balance of different styles. Try mixing in lucite chairs with your wooden farmhouse table, or use a graphic, modern-print quilt on your rod iron bed. Mid-century style is all the rage right now and can also give a unique look to your farmhouse designs.




3) Try open shelving

Open shelving is an excellent way to update any space. Though some fear the exposure of kitchen supplies, it’s really not hard to create an organized, cohesive look with open shelving. Simply incorporate dishes and accessories in similar color schemes and styles to make everything work together, and stick the “ugly” dishes away in the cupboard.



4) Add modern light fixtures

Light fixtures make a huge statement in any space, so adding them is a great way to customize the farmhouse look. Consider Mid-century style chandeliers, wicker, bohemian basket lighting, or bold gold or silver pendant lights. These accessories will elevate your style to feel fresh and all new.




5) Use industrial accents

Industrial style and farmhouse style really go hand in hand. Consider the look of a modern, downtown loft and try to introduce that style to your traditional farmhouse. You can incorporate this style by adding industrial barstools, cement flooring, exposed beams, etc.



6) Select a mix of art styles

Art is another great way to subtly bring in a mix of styles. If you’re creating an ever-so-trendy gallery wall, make sure to bring in several different mediums, including photography, sketches, paintings, and graphic prints. Steer away from entirely nature- and farm-inspired art.





7) Incorporate pops of color and pattern

While traditional farmhouses stick to a neutral palette, the modern farmhouse breaks those rules. Try painting your door a bold yellow or red. Add a graphic pattern wallpaper to create an accent wall in your bedroom or living room. Choose a statement couch or chair to mix up the look of your family’s most lived-in space.



If you’re still looking for great ways to update your modern farmhouse designs, look to Artisan Hardware for more inspiration. You can also find products like barn doors and accent walls to complete the look of your home.